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  • Ivanornels

    Happy Thoughts

    November 16, 2012 by Ivanornels

    It's been a while since I've been on this wikia but I'm glad what people have done with the place. The Wikia Jury thing where we vote for our favorite contestants is pretty cool. Also digging the flag checker. We've got lots of Survivor fans in the USA, Canada, and Philippines, a reasonable amount in Australia, Czech Republic, Singapore, Great Britain, and Brazil, and we've got some shoutouts from places like Germany, Malaysia, Romania, Israel, Poland, France, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, Costa Rica, Belgium, and South Korea among other places! That's really cool! Also, the reward in Survivor Philippines Episode 9 has to be one of my all time favorite Survivor rewards. Seeing Malcolm, Denise, Penner, and Carter (as usual, mostly the first 3…

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  • Ivanornels

    I felt like starting a series about my reactions to Survivor Philippines. Hopefully I can get each post done by the day after each episode. I have a bad feeling later on it'll be difficult to stick with that guideline but I'll try me best. And hopefully after this I never forget how to spell Philippines lol.

    First of all shoutout to IAmNothing712 a.k.a. Ivan Kevin Sevilla. It must be exciting for arguably the biggest survivor fan in the Philippines for Survivor to finally visit the Philippines. Wouldn't it just be icing on the cake if your favorite player from this cast won?

    Alright so first I'll start with some general stuff, then I'll get into specific contestants and then I'll go from there.

    3 tribes. I starting watching Survivor with seas…

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  • Ivanornels

    Go to youtube, search for vaporterra (the username), go to the Survivor playlist, and look for the "reaction to survivor one world videos". I've made one for each episode of Survivor One World so far up to episode 9 and I'd appreciate it if you guys looked at them and tell me what you thought about them.

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  • Ivanornels

    The Game at a Crossroads

    November 3, 2011 by Ivanornels

    With Keith being the 1st voted off of the new tribe in Survivor: South Pacific, this game is at a crossroads. Let's see where everyone stands:

    Ozzy-first off congrats to him for making a huge move by volunteering himself to be voted off and managing to get back into the game. Christine and Ozzy made for the biggest duel of the season no doubt. Unfortunately Ozzy lost his idol by using it on Whitney. Had he used it on Keith, Rick would've been voted off. And Ozzy is a huge threat; he proved that in the duel and the challenge, so Ozzy could very likely be the next target.

    Keith-He wasn't my favorite player so I'm not sad about him leaving, but now I wonder how he's gonna do in Redemption Island.

    Whitney-Well I'm pretty sure she appreciated Ozzy…

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  • Ivanornels

    1000 edits on the wikia

    October 10, 2011 by Ivanornels

    October 9th 2011. I made my 1000th edit on the wikia. Hooray!

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