Sad news, fellow fans. I rarely do blogs, and perhaps, I might be doing more since I'm beyond hyped to have our favorite show in our territory. But I read this article that terribly disturbed me so much, it kinda forced me to do one. Jeff himself declared he's unsure of the show's fate after S26 because ratings are declining, and the next two seasons will be going up against up against two Reality TV juggernauts. The upcoming season will face X-Factor, while S26 will be rivaling American Idol. I don't know Survivor's odds against X-factor, but Idol's fan following also dipped due to the exits of its iconic judges. We shall see how will Survivor fare against two shows that would not have materialized if not for the latter's conception.

If the show will really end by 26, I must say thank you for concluding the series in our homeland. I'm very honored to have you guys here; and I'm proud to say that I'm a Survivor fan, arguably the biggest non-American superfan there is, and will always be part of my identity (like, I would love to wear a buff in my coffin). I've learned from the show in more ways than one. It taught me how it is to be human, how to deal with people who I might not meet nor get along in life, and there is really no place for bigots in this world. But I hope and beg that the show would continue on longer than it currently seemed. Though we have a local version, it will never come close to the show I knew and loved.

I hope you guys read this and probably, send this blog post as an informal petition to CBS. Survivor's been part of my life since I was 8 years old, and you guys don't know how much I loved this show. Actually, I never rooted a show this long. I already gave up on Idol, Amazing Race, and about to be on America's Next Top Model, but my love for Survivor never waned. Furthermore, I loved this wiki (and the fanon wiki) as much as I loved the show. I'm scared for the fate of my fave show, and the two wikis that were supposed to compliment it. As the most frequent admin here, I tried so hard to upkeep this wiki and make it look like this. But as much as I want to make writeups for every episode and contestant, I still studying, so I cannot do it all. For my rollbacks and admins, I handpicked each and every one of you because I trusted you can help me revive the Survivor Wiki project from oblivion since 2010. I thank you for all your help. Though I know you have your own lives to live, which I understand, now, more than ever, we need to supply writeups for the blank pages. This would be our last hoorah for the show we all loved. I am looking forward to have this wiki updated before S26's finale so that we can meet the goals of the project: To be a decent and comprehensive source for Survivor.

I want to hear your thoughts guys.