Honestly, I am surprisingly not loving this cast as much as I should have. Putting aside my frustrations on the fact that Shane and T-Bird were both snubbed at this, here are my thoughts on each of the cast members.

  • Abi Maria - she was annoying and self-unaware, but those were what made her good TV. However, going out there, I am not sure if she's going to be more aware of how she comes across or she'll return to her dismissive ways. I don't have high hopes for her, honest.
  • Savage - Glad Savage is back. As much as he and a significant part of the fanbase whined about him getting screwed by the Outcast twist, he should've learned one lesson from playing the first time, that you should not isolate someone from the tribe. I personally believe that had Lillian not get voted out, she'll still turn on him. Survivor is all about adapting and social interactions, and he, not only did not take Lillian's return lightly, he also did not even try convincing Lill to stay with the Morgan. His stubbornness was his undoing. 
  • Ciera - This pipsqueak is in danger out of the gate. She's the frailest of the women returnees, and as much as she is capable on putting someone else's head on the chopping block, it would take her more than wits to survive pre-merge.
  • Jeff - Out of all 32 hopefuls, I made a connection with Varner the most. His motivation of playing is noble. Not only he wanted to play for the love of the game, he wanted to do it for his cancer-stricken mother. I think he will play a little more devious this time.
  • Jeremy - The archetypal game bot, Jeremy lacks nutritional entertainment value. If I were there, I would like to be around someone who makes me laugh and uplift mood at camp to alleviate the boredom and the stress of the game. Jeremy doesn't have that. All he talks about is strategy.
  • Joe - I am unpleasantly surprised by Joe's inclusion. He's a step down to who people claim his lookalike is: Malcolm. Malcolm is funny, witty and entertaining. Joe is vapid in the game. I didn't have the connection I needed from Joe. 
  • Kass - Any of the Luzon people, I'd love to see play again. Kass was a controversial character because she doesn't fit the mold. She believed that flipping on her alliance was rational, but some say it was a dumb move. This is what fans want: polarizing characters.
  • Keith - We need a few duds out there to see out favorite players last long, and Keith's one of them. Keith has zero game knowledge and he had screwed Jeremy because of it, and as much as I wish someone else took his spot, I can take Keith.
  • Kelley - Another filler spot; Kelley wasn't the most memorable of the SJDS people and the only reason she garnered enough votes to return was she and Dale campaigned hard to put her back in. Unfortunately for her, Under-the-Radar people are no longer sought after as swing votes. Instead, they're being targeted as threats.
  • Kelly - It is meant to be! I was 8 when Borneo came out, and I liked Kelly. However, in the game's uber-fast pace, she might not caught up. At first I was excited to see her play again. But her RHAP campaign interview made me very nervous. She doesn't own a TV, and she admitted she never watched the show since, so she's in the hottest water possible. Along with that, she also admitted she still hates the concept of alliances and social politicking when they were actually the concepts the game leaned to all these years. This aside, the incongruity I want to see. 
  • Kimmi - The original winner, winner, chicken dinner! I love the fact that Kimmi at least caught up with the show for the most part, even knowing who Russell Hantz was. However, I don't know how she'd fare in food challenges when clearly she's still a strict vegetarian.