I rarely do blogs, but I think this is worth posting, so here it goes.

The "too-powerful" Hidden Immunity Idol (now nicknamed the "Tyler Perry idol") is said to be returning on Cagayan. Many fans had said this would be a blemish that could scar this season that has been unpredictable and fun so far. I thought of the subject differently last night, when I had a "eureka moment" that could possibly change how people thought of the said Hidden Immunity Idol.

This kind of idol originated back in Exile Island and Cook Islands, where Jeff informed the players beforehand how the idol worked, giving the players ample time to sit on those rules, take a moment to make strategies whether they have it or not. Yul and Terry realized that the best way to use the idol it basically to not use it to pretty much use them as a too to hypnotize people to sway them to vote differently and at the same time, make themselves immune all season. It worked sure, but the idols proved to be an almost-unfair, free pass.

However, here, in Cagayan, the players are still completely in the dark about this idol. This idol has yet to be found (or so I thought), no clues were given, there is no indication of it showing up soon, and most importantly, they are unaware of what these "special powers" meant. They don't have the luxury of thinking of having information on what the "special powers" are therefore, they also have no rules to work on and go about once this idol indeed shows up; and given that we are three episodes down since the merge, there is little time for the players to think as creatively as they could as to how to use it. My point is, this idol, though still too powerful in nature, could be used differently (perhaps crazily) in this seasons which is far from predictable. I still do believe that after this season, this kind of idol should be retired and not come back in the future.

I would like to hear your thoughts about this, and they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.