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  • IAmNothing712

    Honestly, I am surprisingly not loving this cast as much as I should have. Putting aside my frustrations on the fact that Shane and T-Bird were both snubbed at this, here are my thoughts on each of the cast members.

    • Abi Maria - she was annoying and self-unaware, but those were what made her good TV. However, going out there, I am not sure if she's going to be more aware of how she comes across or she'll return to her dismissive ways. I don't have high hopes for her, honest.
    • Savage - Glad Savage is back. As much as he and a significant part of the fanbase whined about him getting screwed by the Outcast twist, he should've learned one lesson from playing the first time, that you should not isolate someone from the tribe. I personally believe th…
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  • IAmNothing712

    Hey there, Admin Ian here, and following Gerda's tutorial, I would like to share to you what I know. By any means I NOT am a graphic designer by nature but I am willing to share what I know about logo making. If you are relatively proficient with Photoshop, you can certainly make your buffs as well.

    Being a fan fiction writer, I take pride that I put personal touches in my fanons, from season logos, to buffs and sometimes, tribe flags. Here are some of my works:

    I have made this this template for you guys to download.


    1. Look for transparent png files online for your logo. Save it, open them using photoshop, and if it's too big. Use the free transform tool to shrink (or expand) the image and add it to the logo.
    2. If the image you wanted does…

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  • IAmNothing712

    I rarely do blogs, but I think this is worth posting, so here it goes.

    The "too-powerful" Hidden Immunity Idol (now nicknamed the "Tyler Perry idol") is said to be returning on Cagayan. Many fans had said this would be a blemish that could scar this season that has been unpredictable and fun so far. I thought of the subject differently last night, when I had a "eureka moment" that could possibly change how people thought of the said Hidden Immunity Idol.

    This kind of idol originated back in Exile Island and Cook Islands, where Jeff informed the players beforehand how the idol worked, giving the players ample time to sit on those rules, take a moment to make strategies whether they have it or not. Yul and Terry realized that the best way to u…

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  • IAmNothing712

    I tried my hardest to sound less melodramatic this time compared to the last time I did this. HAHAHAHA

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  • IAmNothing712

    Hey guys! If you guys have Facebook accounts, please join our Facebook group! We currently have 70+ members. I hope you join in the fun!

    Link is right here.

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