Since not very many people are talking about who they want on Survivor: Second Chance, I have decided to create one of my own: 


Kelly Wiglesworth- She was a great person for someone in the first season. I would love to see how her game changes with the introduction of a Hidden Immunity Idol and if she will be the leader of an alliance unlike in Borneo when Hatch was.

Teresa Cooper - I loved her in Africa even though I haven't been avidly watching that season. She was at the bottom of the tribe going into the merge, so who knows if she will dominate or will be targeted for her age and strategic powers.

Peih-Gee Law - When Second Chance voting started, there was no doubt in my mind that she would get my votes. She was such a great competitor but just lost because she was at the bottom of the tribe. She outlasted her alliance so who knows if she will be at the top of bottom this season if she makes it in.

Stephanie Valencia - Many think she is a loud mouth, but I think she was a wannabe winner or villain and tried too hard, too soon. If she returned, she might need to slow down her game and not be as open to confrontation as she was with Russell.

Abi-Maria Gomes - Like Stephanie, many think she was a loud mouth. She was just really verbal and open. Many also think that her argument and hatred of RC wasn't justified. However, I would act jet like Abi did if someone was not loyal if I didn't know that my other partner was scheming. It wasn't RC nor Abi's fault.

Ciera Eastin - Ciera is also an immediate favourite for me. I loved her in Blood vs Water with and against her mum. If she returns, she is definitely capable of adapting by herself without her mum on the other tribe.

Tasha Fox - Her gameplay was incredible. If she didn't have her tribe loose 3 members before the switch, the three Luzon were likely to make it to the final 3 together. If she returns, she should be the same smart, athletic woman but needs to try and be a bit more strategic and social to everyone.

Kass McQuillen - She was a villain and is now labelled as one but before he made her move, she was likeable but not overly loved. Her move was wrong and based on emotion. If she returns, she needs to change that because returnees won't see that as desirable in an alliance member.

Kelley Wentworth - Before the tribe switch, Kelley was in the majority alliance and she was one of the three strongest along with Jeremy and Natalie. The only downfall was being switched to Coyopa and being on the outs.If she returns, she should have her start game the same but needs to change a situation to her favour and not let others decide her fate for her.

Shirin Oskooi- She was given the short end of the straw. She was labelled crazy and ignored most of her game and was bullied and targeted when she wasn't treated like a lunatic. She was also really nerdy and wanted to be a fan on a trip. However, if she returns, she needs to change her social game and not seen crazy.