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Huyopa2001 January 22, 2015 User blog:Huyopa2001

Hi Guys! 

Well, as everyone knows, the castaways of Worlds Apart have been released and I wanted to know your opinions about the cast. I personally like:

Joe- he seems nice, interesting and would be an interesting strategist to watch. I think he might go far in the game maybe make the top 6? 

Jenn- she was funny and nice in her pre-game interview and I think she will be great. Jenn would be an early jury member like 1-3.

Joaquin- the preview showed him and i thought he would be manipulated and arrogant. If he survives episodes 1 and 2, then he could go far or early.

Tyler- I would love to see his game evolve and see if he is a "mastermind". He's either going to win or get blindsided by his closest ally.

Shirin- seems like the friendly mother who could go far based on friendships but is strategic still. Would like to see her make the merge and be a jury member.

Lindsey- she looks like Lindsey from Cagayan but I think she will be better and go further. Like Jenn, I think she will be an early jury member

Sierra- I think she will be nice and maybe like Erinn from Tocantins for some reason. I think she will be just short of the merge though.

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