Here are the results for the awards of Survivor Cambodia. Thank you to everyone who has answered the polls and participated in these awards. Keep watch for the Kaoh Rong Awards during the later post-merge of the game!

Award 1: Best Idol Play

Winner: Kelley Wentworth (blindsiding Andrew Savage): 97.5%


Whether you are a Wentworth fan or not from her first season, she definitely proved this season that she has embraced her second chance. Unlike much of the cast, Wentworth was not really a prominent figure during her first season and didn’t even make the merge.

I think that this award deservingly goes to Wentworth playing her idol during the tribal council of the eighth episode of Survivor: Cambodia, You’ll Call, We’ll Haul. But why would this idol play we recognized as the best use this season? Was because it finally eliminated Andrew Savage? Or because it gave Wentworth serious credit and worth as a player? Or maybe it was the fact that it nullified a historic NINE votes against her?

Either way, I proudly present the award for Best Idol Play of Survivor: Cambodia to Kelley Wentworth from Episode 8.

Award 2: Best Elimination

Winner: Andrew Savage (Episode 8): 58.54%


Linking with our first award winner, the best elimination goes to Andrew Savage being blindsided by the Witches Coven in Episode 8. Savage, to me, changed throughout the game. His previous play made me believe he was a man of honor, integrity and all that. However, as the weeks went by in Cambodia, I started to dislike Savage more. He was fine when he was on Bayon, bearable on Angkor and cocky on Ta Keo. And to top it all off, he was super crazy during his short stay on Orkun.

To many, this award was split. But, I must say the right person won it. It may be his play during Cambodia that bit himself, especially his arrogance. Or it may be the fact that the editing brought his blindside perfectly. Or it could even be because of the comedic relief in his final episode of him flipping the bird whenever he deemed it appropriate.

To end this award, I proudly present the award for Best Elimination of Survivor: Cambodia to Andrew Savage from Episode 8.

Award 3: Worst Elimination

Winner: Peih Gee Law (Episode 3): 28.95%


For me and I’m sure for many fans, Peih Gee’s return was long awaited, yet short lived. I was super excited to see her play after such a long time since her first time, but was upset and disappointed on how poorly she performed this season. I can’t help but think tribe switches in many cases, are a blessing. But in Peih Gee’s case and many other cases throughout the show, the tribe switch was the end of her game.

The award definitely belongs to Peih Gee or the other eliminated member of Angkor, Varner who was not too far from winning the award. She had a bad, yet bearable beginning on Ta Keo and eventually lost. I must say she and Varner lost to such a weak tribe consisting of Abi (f*** with her and your dead in Peih Gee’s case), Tasha (poor gameplay this season), Savage (too cocky) and Woo (who does not have a strategic cell in his body).

I present the award for Worst Elimination of Survivor: Cambodia to Peih Gee Law from Episode 3.

Award 4: Best Tribe

Winner: Orkun (Episode 7-14): 62.16%


The Orkun tribe was the merged tribe of Survivor: Cambodia. The tribe lived on the original Bayon beach, where Stephen, Kimmi and Jeremy spent their whole games. The tribe was the largest in the shows history and included many famous plays and gave some of the best players this season a chance to shine and PLAY THE GAME.

This tribe was extremely successful in establishing the origins of voting blocs and shields. Although I love alliances, this added extra unpredictability to the game and was a focal point at every post-merge tribal council. Memorable moves from this season such as Kelley’s historical idol play, when Stephen split votes and then was voted out, the moment when Joe collapsed, the tribal where no votes counted and most of the finale, really.

It is an honor to present the award for Best Tribe of Survivor: Cambodia to the thirteen members of Orkun from Episodes 7-14.

Award 5: Best Strategic Player

Winner: Kelley Wentworth: 59.46%


Much like already said, Kelley Wentworth has definitely proven herself as a player throughout this season and has definitely shown those who didn’t understand why she was voted in why she was. Her aggressive, yet effective gameplay made her a huge target throughout the game and a major threat to win by the final four.

Wentworth was successful in finding two idols and playing them at appropriate times. She understood where she wanted to be and how she wanted to be there and performed to a modern day all-star standard. She didn’t blow up her own game like many who play big moves do and despite her ever-extending resume, she was able to remain safe until she was ultimately eliminated for being too threatening to the others left.

I present the award for Best Strategic Player of Survivor: Cambodia to Kelley Wentworth.

Award 6: Best Physical Player

Winner: Joe Anglim: 55.88%


Joe was a fan favorite since his face was first seen during the Worlds Apart premiere. Gladly for many (women mostly), he lasted long enough for the viewers to see him shirtless, to see his physical dominance and to see his softer artistic side. His time on Cambodia magnified these qualities about Joe and eventually gave him an almost obvious individual challenge win week in, week out.

Although his social and strategic game was less impressive, Joe managed to stay further in the game than his first time on individual wins alone. He managed to stay concentrated through balance challenges and won the four immunity challenges from the merge episode up until Stephen’s elimination. However, I myself am baffled as to why many, cough Stephen cough thought that Joe was a threat to win. He was probably one of the lesser social and strategic players of the season.

Regardless of his overall game, Joe is awarded the award for the Best Physical Player of Survivor: Cambodia.

Award 7: Best Social Player

Winner: Kimmi Kappenberg: 44.44%


Before the finale episode aired, I was actually unsure of the reasons why Kimmi was voted most social. Now, I am slapping myself for not seeing how social she actually is. Kimmi had a lot to prove to herself as a player and to those who don’t really remember her from her first appearance many years back in Australia.

Although her strategic game was too slow to catch up with her social game, Kimmi proved to have connections with most people from her tribe and it worked for her. Thanks to her ability to communicate with her tribe mates, she was able to orchestrate Monica’s blindside (which has now proven to have a positive impact on her game) and could have landed her in the finals if she played that flip earlier in the game.

With much respect, Kimmi’s ability to socialize with her tribe has given her the award for Best Social Player for Survivor: Cambodia.

Award 8: Best Second Chance Redemption

Winner: Kelley Wentworth: 71.05%


Due to the impact Kelley has made on the season, it is no surprise she has won three awards already. Her second chance has definitely been a rocky road, but she managed to pull off the moves necessary to her game. Although she just missed the chance to win, there is no doubt in my mind that she will return either through the choice of the producers or the choice of the fans.

Wentworth has definitely redeemed herself from her first time playing. She seems much like the great Parvati Shallow. Her first game was showing a very slow player adapting to the game and ultimately leading to her elimination. Her second chance gave both girls the opportunity to change their fate and control it instead of getting their fate from others. Hopefully, Kelley returns and her third time is a charm.

Kelley Wentworth definitely deserves the award for Best Second Chance Redemption from Survivor: Cambodia.

Award 9: Wasted Second Chance

Winner: Tasha Fox: 43.24%


Tasha was known in Cagayan, as being the one who wanted to play in a tribe where playing the game didn’t happen. She then was on the right side of numbers until Kass flipped and then was out of the loop. She stayed for a long time due to her winning consecutive challenges. However, when she lost, she was eliminated.

I expected a slightly more strategic and open Tasha this season, but instead got a goat. Tasha was essentially the one who said or thinks she made big moves, but in hindsight, the moves gave her a chance to be on the numbers for a tribal. She didn’t win challenges, didn’t play aggressive enough and then decided to play in a hostile manner.

I am presenting the award for Wasted Second Chance of Survivor: Cambodia to Tasha Fox.

Award 10: Best Episode

Winner: You Call, We’ll Haul (Episode 8): 55.56%


What made this episode the best of the season you may ask? Was it because of the humorous reward? Was it because of the incredible strategy? Was it because of the majority alliances stupidity? Or was it due to the fact that the whole episode ended in an idol play and a blindside?

If this episode was not one that kept you glued to the screen and intently listening, you shouldn’t call yourself a fan of the show. This episode had everything that made an episode great and more. Even the more subtle things in the episode, like Savage giving a few birdie’s, made the episode better.

The award for Best Episode of Survivor: Cambodia is presented to Episode 8: You Call, We’ll Haul.

Award 11: Worst Episode

Winner: What’s the Beef? (Episode 4): 48.57%


I would have to say that this season really didn’t have a worst episode, more a worst moment within an episode. With that said, What’s the Beef? started well with a one-on-one-on-one battle between Savage, Jeremy and Terry. Personally, the immunity challenge had many different emotions coming through. I found it hilarious with the constant comments from Probst and the pain most of the blindfolded received, topped off with a nail biting conclusion.

However, what I think many believe this episode was not as great due to the Angkor loss. Back at camp, Varner was the likely target and constant flopping did achieve it. And then there was Abi and Woo talking, upsetting Tasha. I would have to say by Episode 4, seeing Abi throughout the whole start of the season was starting to annoy me. It started to get old and ended in the elimination of Varner, who looked like he had a great shot pre-game to win.

The award for Worst Episode of Survivor: Cambodia is therefore, awarded to What’s the Beef? (Episode 4).

Award 12: Most Bitter Juror

Winner: Andrew Savage: 84.85%


I think I purposely added this category to see if what I saw was true. I watched the Ponderosa videos of each of the jury members this season and I was really annoyed with Savage. He was really bitter to some of the jury, especially when Ciera arrived. Savage, to me, lost his reputation that he earnt in his first season.

But why was Savage so bitter? I would have to say that he felt comfortable and in power on his stance in the game. He could have won if he played his cards right. However, his stance in the game gave him a big head and eventually, led to his blindside by the minority alliance.

The award for Most Bitter Juror of Survivor: Cambodia would have to go to Andrew Savage.

Award 13: Best Pre-Merge Boot

Winner: Jeff Varner: 55.26%


Jeff Varner seemed to want to prove something for his second chance. He wanted to play all out and did so before the tribe switch. The switch ruined his game and potentially saved Abi’s game. He was snarky, funny and relatable to us as an audience.

The reason why he would be the best pre-merge boot of the season would have to be because of his pre-game that showed he was here to play. He would have definitely made the merge if he was still on the original Ta Keo tribe as he was in a good position and may have won.

The award, therefore, for Best Pre-Merge Boot of Survivor: Cambodia goes to Jeff Varner.

Final Award: Most Deserves a Third Chance

Winner: Kelley Wentworth: 30.77%


Peih Gee was winning this award until recently and it would be clear to who and why. Kelley Wentworth has played a classic underdog story, with a more successful run in the pre-merge portion of Cambodia. She is the first female to find two idols in the same season and has shown to be a woman who wants to play and knows how to.

Her time was cut short in San Juan Del Sur, mainly due to the tribe switch, yet the Kelley in Cambodia survived due to stronger members and a better social game. Heck, she even lasted on a tribe full of original Bayon members since they were all strong.

The final award for Most Deserves a Third Chance for Survivor: Cambodia goes to Kelley Wentworth.

Thank you to everyone who has answered the polls and participated in these awards. Keep watch for the Kaoh Rong Awards during the later post-merge of the game!