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  • Huyopa2001

    Cambodia Awards Results!

    December 18, 2015 by Huyopa2001

    Here are the results for the awards of Survivor Cambodia. Thank you to everyone who has answered the polls and participated in these awards. Keep watch for the Kaoh Rong Awards during the later post-merge of the game!

    Award 1: Best Idol Play

    Winner: Kelley Wentworth (blindsiding Andrew Savage): 97.5%

    Whether you are a Wentworth fan or not from her first season, she definitely proved this season that she has embraced her second chance. Unlike much of the cast, Wentworth was not really a prominent figure during her first season and didn’t even make the merge.

    I think that this award deservingly goes to Wentworth playing her idol during the tribal council of the eighth episode of Survivor: Cambodia, You’ll Call, We’ll Haul. But why would this idol…

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  • Huyopa2001

    Survivor: Cambodia Awards

    December 13, 2015 by Huyopa2001

    Hi All! In honour of such an incredible season, I have decided to do some Survivor: Cambodia Awards! May the best person of each category win! The polls on each category end on 21st December 2015, so enter soon!


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  • Huyopa2001

    Since not very many people are talking about who they want on Survivor: Second Chance, I have decided to create one of my own: 


    Kelly Wiglesworth- She was a great person for someone in the first season. I would love to see how her game changes with the introduction of a Hidden Immunity Idol and if she will be the leader of an alliance unlike in Borneo when Hatch was.

    Teresa Cooper - I loved her in Africa even though I haven't been avidly watching that season. She was at the bottom of the tribe going into the merge, so who knows if she will dominate or will be targeted for her age and strategic powers.

    Peih-Gee Law - When Second Chance voting started, there was no doubt in my mind that she would get my votes. She was such a great competi…

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  • Huyopa2001

    I am just curious to see what your favourite castaway of each season is. Daily, I will put up a new season, and you guys will vote for who the best of each season is. Voting ends usually 10 hours from the blog's creation. Have fun! 

    Best of Each Survivor Season Results

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  • Huyopa2001

    Survivor: Worlds Apart

    January 22, 2015 by Huyopa2001

    Hi Guys! 

    Well, as everyone knows, the castaways of Worlds Apart have been released and I wanted to know your opinions about the cast. I personally like:

    Joe- he seems nice, interesting and would be an interesting strategist to watch. I think he might go far in the game maybe make the top 6? 

    Jenn- she was funny and nice in her pre-game interview and I think she will be great. Jenn would be an early jury member like 1-3.

    Joaquin- the preview showed him and i thought he would be manipulated and arrogant. If he survives episodes 1 and 2, then he could go far or early.

    Tyler- I would love to see his game evolve and see if he is a "mastermind". He's either going to win or get blindsided by his closest ally.

    Shirin- seems like the friendly mother who…

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