I decided to make a little Top 5 countdown of the best bromances in Survivor history. I just did this off the top of my head so I probably forgot some. Let me know who I missed or who would be in your top 5 in the comments. I'd love to hear what you think. So let's get started

5. Tyson Apostol & Gervase Peterson - Survivor: Blood vs. Water

The list starts off with the most recent bromance. Tyson and Gervase both lost their loved ones early on the season and formed a tight alliance with each other. After voting out Aras at the merge, the pair took complete control of the game. With Monica on their side, they made it all the way to the Final Tribal Council where Tyson was ultimately crowned the Sole Survivor. #CoconutBandits

4. Rob Cesternino & Matthew von Ertfelda - Survivor: The Amazon

I may be a bit biased with this one because Rob is my all-time favourite player and Amazon is one of my favourite seasons, but the relationship between Matt and Rob was pretty hilarious. Matt was giving confessionals about how much he appreciated Rob's friendship and guidance in the game while Rob was talking about how crazy Matt was. While not a traditional bromace, the pair did make it to the final three where Matt threw the challenge knowing both Rob and Jenna would take him to the end. Jenna won the challenge and Matt was right. Rob was voted out and Matt lost in a 6-1 vote.

3. The Three Amigos - Survivor: Caramoan

Another recent bromance makes this list. This time it's a three way bromance. (Yes I am fully aware of how I phrased that). The alliance of Malcolm Freberg, Reynold Toepfer, and Eddie Fox was made up of probably the three most athletic guys on the season. Knowing they would all be threats at the merge, they joined together on the Post-Swap Gota tribe. I couldn't place them higher on this list because they weren't able to make it far in the game. They made one big move with a couple idols to vote out Phillip, but Malcolm and Reynold were voted out at the next two tribal councils. Eddie managed make the Final Four where he lost the challenge and was voted out. Even though they didn't come out on top, it was hard not to root for these lovable underdogs.

2. J.T. Thomas & Stephen Fishbach - Survivor: Tocantins

The alliance of J.T. and Stephen was a very unlikely one. Stephen was a New York City boy while J.T. was a country boy from Alabama. Two guys that would have never met in real life ended up forming the strongest alliance of the season. Even though they were down in numbers at the merge, they were able to avoid the vote and take advantage of the Timbira tribe's infighting. The two friends sat together to face the Jury where things got a little heated and personal, with J.T. winning unanimously and completing the first ever perfect game. They got over their little argument though and are friends to this day.

1. Richard Hatch & Rudy Boesch - Survivor: Borneo

Was there ever any doubt? Richard and Rudy are another example of an unlikely pair. They made the first ever Survivor bromance, but not in a homosexual way, and dominated the game. With Sue and Kelly in their alliance they Pagonged the Pagong tribe and made it to the Final 3 together. There, Richard stepped out of the challenge knowing both Rudy and Kelly would take him to the end. In the end, Kelly won the challenge and took Richard to the end, where he was crowned the first ever Sole Survivor.

Honourable Mentions - Coach & Tyson (Tocantins), Earl & Yau-Man (Fiji), Marcus & Charlie (Gabon)

So there's my list. If you actually read this far, thank you very much. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.