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  • HufflepuffHunter

    I decided to make a little Top 5 countdown of the best bromances in Survivor history. I just did this off the top of my head so I probably forgot some. Let me know who I missed or who would be in your top 5 in the comments. I'd love to hear what you think. So let's get started

    5. Tyson Apostol & Gervase Peterson - Survivor: Blood vs. Water

    The list starts off with the most recent bromance. Tyson and Gervase both lost their loved ones early on the season and formed a tight alliance with each other. After voting out Aras at the merge, the pair took complete control of the game. With Monica on their side, they made it all the way to the Final Tribal Council where Tyson was ultimately crowned the Sole Survivor. #CoconutBandits

    4. Rob Cesternino &…

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  • HufflepuffHunter

    After watching the latest episode of Blood vs Water I had a question about the rules. I was hoping one of you awesome people could clear it up for me.

    After having a tie vote twice they get one last chance to come to a unanimous decision before they have to draw rocks. My question is, who gets a say in that unanimous decision? Is it all four of them that voted or just the three that would have to draw rocks. Basically, did Gervase have a say?

    Hypothetical situation time. Say Tyson had agreed to vote out Monica to avoid drawing rocks. Could Gervase disagree and make them draw rocks anyways since it had to be unanimous? He had immunity so he wouldn't have had to draw. From his perspective, rather than guaranteeing his ally Monica being sent to…

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