Who do you think should win this season?

Ozzy: He could win all the duels and reenter the game again. But i hope he doesent, I like him and all but he could win and i dont really want him too.

Dawn: Dawn is awesome, she is a super cool woman. Hopefully she can beat Ozzy and a few other people. I think she is the most like able person this season.

Whitney: I really liked her at the start but when she started being mean to Cochran I started to dislike her. I dont think she will return and I dont want her to win either.

John: He is this season's biggest move maker flipping from one tribe to another was great. I hope he makes it to the final 4 with Albert, Coach and Sophie.

Coach: He is playing a similer game to Rob last season and it could work if he goes to the end with dislike or weakable people.

Albert: I really like Albert I think if he and Sophie make a big move he could well win. I think if he just does nothing and goes to the end with Coach I dont think he will win.

Sophie: Sophie is awesome! I hope she wins! I think she joined a great alience. I just hope she makes a big move and wins!

Edna: She has done nothing at the merge. I mean she's a nice girl but her game isn't great.

Rick: I really want to hear more from him he is so quite. So i dont know if i like him or not.

Brandon: He used to be crazy and hating Mikayla for nothing, but now Mikayla's gone he has become boring. I hope he goes next.

Who do you want to win? I want Sophie too.