Hi everyone, just making a blog on about th final 7 in Survivor: Philippines! I like most of the people and can't wait to see what happens in the ending episode's!

Final 7!


I thought she was going to be cool. Wll i was very, very wrong! Se is a huge b**** (not as big as Colton or Alicia though) and very annoying! She sat out of how many challenges again? Jeff should have been saying "can't sit people out in back to back challenges". Maybe then Tandang might have lost a few and she could be gone! I don't think she can win since everyone wants her out and she stands know chance of winning immunity against people like Malcolm, Carter, Denise, Mike and who not? I think she'll be gone soon! (thank godness)


I think he is a good person, but i don't think he does much apart from do well in the challenges... I think if he goes on an immunity streak he could win by gaining the jurys respect, but I think as soon as he loses won he will be gone.?


I hope she makes it far! Like top 2 or 3, whatever they are having this season. I like how she, Malcolm, Mike and Lisa have the top 4 alliance going on because they are my top 4 faves at the moment! I hope they pull it off! I really like how she is a strong older woman, much like Dawn Meehan. I hope her and Malcolm becaome they top 2, and i think they might!!!!!


When i heard he was returning i knew very little about him (i hadn't seen much of S13 or S16 at the time) but I really like him! I feel like he and Lisa could pull a blindside on Mike or somethink like that (but thats just my opinion) I don't think he will make the top 3 but if he does he will wim.?


Hmmmmm. Lisa is tricky. I like her and i'm glad she's left Abi but i feel as though if she makes the final 2 or 3 the jury will think she was weak and underserving and thats not true! I don't think she can win if she takes Mike, Malcolm, Denise or Penner. She could beat Abi or Carter.


AWESOME! He and Denise are my favourite's they are great players in the physical, mental and socal game! Macolm is just above her in my favourite book because he has an idol. I hope he wins and i think he could! TEAM MALCOLM!!!!!!


I was kinda excpecting more from him as a returning player, but he is doing ok i guess. I think he can win a few more challenges and i think his alliance with Malcolm, DEnise and Lisa will be the top 4! So he's safe for a while longer. I think he could win against Lisa, C arter, Abi and maybe just Denise, i think Malcolm and Penner will beat him. He could make the top 2 or 3.


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7th - Abi

6th - Carter

5th - Jonathan

4th - Mike

3rd - Lisa

2nd - Denise

Sole Survivor - Malcolm

What do you guys think will happen?