Ok so survivor one world is nearly over, and well i wont deny it but i didnt love this season, it wasnt terrable, but not my favourite. mostly because of Kourtney, Matt and Bills early eliminations. i liked those 3 alot. But anyway Kim and Chelsea are still in the game so its could end well.

Christina Cha

Christina, she inst playing the game as well as she could. She should have took a chance and sided with the men a while back. But she didnt and she is still in the game so i quess she is doing ok. I dont think she will become the Sole Survivor. But if she does win it would be better then, Alicia or Sabrina winning. I loved how when Alicia and Colton were being so mean to her, she stayed strong and kept being a nice person. I think she will place 5th or 6th.

Alicia Rosa

YUCK!!!! i cant stand her. She is horrible, she was so mean to Christina from like day 1. I want her gone next episode. She is just so mean, like why did she need to talk to Christina like she was dirt! (colton was eqauly as bad but he got what he deserved.) I hope she is elliminated soon but i think she will place 3rd or 4th

Sabrina Thompson

Well i dont like her either. I will never forgeve her for giving Colton the idol, even thoght he never used it. I think she will place 3rd or 4th.

Chelsea Meissner

Chelsea, i like her alot! Shes most likely not going to win if she goes to the final tribal with Kim, I think if she forms an allience with ALicia (because she is mean) and Christina (because shes not playing th game) and goes to the end, she could win. I want her to win some more individual immunity challenges. Im hoping she can think of something smart and do it and win! I think she will place 2nd

Kim Spradlin

Ok she is the winner, unless someone thinks of a way to blindside her and she doesnt use her idol, i hope that dont happen though unless its Chelsea.She has an idol, so i dont think she will be voted out, because she has an idol and she can win immunity challenges. She is playing well, im pretty sure she IS the winner of survivor one word. So good luck to her. I think she will win.

Tarzan Smith

oh my gosh this dude is so funny because... i shant say becauses the game is a foot. And ive forgotten who Monica is. This dude is funny! He is like some old, dude who is going crazy, also i love when he was yelling out "CHEATER!!!"lol im glad he is the final man left. but i wish there was a few more guys in the final 6. but anyway I think he will place abou 5th or 6th.

what i want to happen

6th Alicia

5th Sabrina

4th Christina

Final three

Cheslea Kim Tarzan

JURY: Jonas, Michael, Jay, Lief, Troy, Kat, Alicia, Sabrina and Christina

3rd place: Tarzan ~ makes no sense during his opening statment. So no one votes for him

2nd place: Kim ~ Some of the jury are jelouse or her playing such a good game, but some arnt. votes from, Michael, Jay, Alicia and Sabrina

WINNER: Chelsea ~ plays the jury wellso she gets some votes.: Votes from, Jonas, Lief, Troy, Kat and Chritina.

what does everyone elso want to win? please tell me in da comments! :D