ok, Hello people! I'm very excited for survivor 25! and i thought i would make a Blog on what i think of the new 15 castaways and my predictions for the returning 3! :D i hope you like it!


she sounds like a bit of a flirt! I will either love her or hate her... She sounds like a villain so i am looking forward to seeing her play.


There is no way i will like this girl! She sounds dumb and annoying. First boot please!!!!!\


He sounds cool. I don't think he will be my "fave" but i will enjoy watching him. He sounds like a all roundered guy and i obvously has a love for the game of survivor.


Every time i see his face is think of Matt from Survivor 22. I hope he doesn't make dumb moves like matt did, because he sounds like a cool guy.


I don't know about her, i think i might like her, but i'm not sure. She seams ok, but i dunno. I think i will need to watch her play the game before i think about her.


I think she will be i bit like Dawn from Survivor 23. She is the oldest woman on her tribe and the other wemon are in there 20's so i don't think she will fit in, which is a shame because i think she has a good personality.


he sounds cool. I can sort of see him being an early boot but i hope not. I think if he plays it right he can make it far but i doubt he will win as he already is famous.


do we really need 2 dumb model wemon this season? Thank godness her and Angie are not on the same team or i think the other teammates would want to quit!


She sounds ok i guess, a bit boring though. I doubt she will make it very far.


He is cocky but honestly he sounds like a villain, and not a villain that i will hate! I love his cockyness and i think he will make it far and i hope he does. I think he is my fave, good luck Malcom.


He sounds really cool! I hope he makes it far! He sounds like he will play the game how he needs to and i think if he makes the finals, the dumb girls (Angie and Katie) might vote for him to win, if they make the jury stage!

I will finish this shortly! :D :D