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  • Henzzy

    Hey guys, I'm making this blog just so my thoughts on the cast for the latest season of Survivor, Survivor: Caramoan! Please leave your opinions in the comments. 

    Well honestly, i'm kind of disapointed with some of the castaways that have been selected to play as the "Favorites". I only think 5 of them are deserving to be call favorites. But I guess that's the way it is.

    I loved Andrea in Redemption Island, she was one of the few meambers of the Ometepe tribe that knew how to play the game of survivor, (Most of the others were big mouths or goats) So i'm very excited to see her back. I hope she can get into a solid alliance like she did in Redemption Island and prove to her team that she is worth keeping in the challenges. I think she will m…

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  • Henzzy

    Survivor 25, Who Will Win?

    November 24, 2012 by Henzzy

    Hi everyone, just making a blog on about th final 7 in Survivor: Philippines! I like most of the people and can't wait to see what happens in the ending episode's!

    I thought she was going to be cool. Wll i was very, very wrong! Se is a huge b**** (not as big as Colton or Alicia though) and very annoying! She sat out of how many challenges again? Jeff should have been saying "can't sit people out in back to back challenges". Maybe then Tandang might have lost a few and she could be gone! I don't think she can win since everyone wants her out and she stands know chance of winning immunity against people like Malcolm, Carter, Denise, Mike and who not? I think she'll be gone soon! (thank godness)

    I think he is a good person, but i don't think he…

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  • Henzzy

    Survivor: 25!!!!!

    August 21, 2012 by Henzzy

    ok, Hello people! I'm very excited for survivor 25! and i thought i would make a Blog on what i think of the new 15 castaways and my predictions for the returning 3! :D i hope you like it!

    she sounds like a bit of a flirt! I will either love her or hate her... She sounds like a villain so i am looking forward to seeing her play.

    There is no way i will like this girl! She sounds dumb and annoying. First boot please!!!!!\

    He sounds cool. I don't think he will be my "fave" but i will enjoy watching him. He sounds like a all roundered guy and i obvously has a love for the game of survivor.

    Every time i see his face is think of Matt from Survivor 22. I hope he doesn't make dumb moves like matt did, because he sounds like a cool guy.

    I don't know abo…

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  • Henzzy

    Hi guys,

    I've been watching Survivor The Australian Outback on you tube, so i could see Mike Skupin playing the game. And i've just watched episode 6, but i can't find anywhere to watch episode 7. Does anyone know where i could see it?

    Thanks :D

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  • Henzzy

    Ok so survivor one world is nearly over, and well i wont deny it but i didnt love this season, it wasnt terrable, but not my favourite. mostly because of Kourtney, Matt and Bills early eliminations. i liked those 3 alot. But anyway Kim and Chelsea are still in the game so its could end well.

    Christina, she inst playing the game as well as she could. She should have took a chance and sided with the men a while back. But she didnt and she is still in the game so i quess she is doing ok. I dont think she will become the Sole Survivor. But if she does win it would be better then, Alicia or Sabrina winning. I loved how when Alicia and Colton were being so mean to her, she stayed strong and kept being a nice person. I think she will place 5th or …

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