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One World episode 2

Hello, this is episode 2 of One World.

Salani-The worst tribe ever. Ulong might have lost every immunity challenge, but they didn't give up and remained a tad happy.Alicia is annoying, Kat is a wimp, and it just is Total Dysfunction. While I do not like Alicia, she is the strongest one and most the most strategic of the woman. Also, Monica is my new favorite because of how nice and leaderish she is.

       Colton is so gay. He is the gayest person ever. And that is why he cracks me up. I have never laughed so hard at Survivor than that immunity challenge with Colton. Also, Bill, Jonas, Leif, Troyzan and Tarzan are cool. I'm glad Colton finally started strategizing instead of being a drama queen.
    As for tribal council....well. These women are going to fall apart. Nina's plan was perfect. Get her, Monica, Christina, Chelsea and Kim to vote out Kat, the weakest memeber. Then, Nina called her out in Tribal Council. So really Nina deserved that. If she would put her perfect plan in chaos by calling Kat out, then she deserves to go home. However, this also means that the spoilers I accadentilly stumbled apon on the Internet aren't true, because Nina wasen't on the pre merge boot list.

Those are my thoughts on episode 2. It annoyed and frustrated the crap out of me, but some episodes are like that, and I can't wait for next week.

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