Sup. I'm Hantzhatchwade. This is how I think (well, want) Survivor: One World is gonna go down. note: because the castaways are living on one beach, I think it is unessicary to have a tribe swap, so I'm not going to do that.

18th: Monica Culpepper

I think because she is too old and is too pushy. She is also outcasted from the tribe because of this.

17th: Kimberley Spradlin

Because of her quirky and annoying personaltiy, she is also outcasted. Also, she is percieved a weakness to the tribe.

16th: Matt Quinlan

Tribemates said that we was playing the game too hard. Also, was very lazy around camp.

15th: Troy Robertson

Despite being liked for his eccentric personality by fans, tribemates called him too annoying and lazy. Was also exculeted from the main Manono alliance of Colton, Greg, Leif, Michael, Jonas and Bill.

14th: Alicia Rosa

Called too loud and outspoken. Also very lazy and a very physically weak player.

13th: Jay Byars

The main reason is because he is not the the Manono alliance. Also, because of the fact he is a threat and too cocky.


12th: Chelsea Meissner

After the Manono alliance hooked in Kat, Kourtney and Sabrina, they all decided to vote out the biggest threat Chelsea. 1st Jury Member.

11th: Christina Cha

The Manono alliance was supposed to vote out Nina, but she had immunity, so they voted out the other biggest threat: Christina. 2nd Jury Member.

10th: Nina Acosta

Both a physical and social threat. 3rd Jury Member.

9th: Greg Smith

After Michael, Colton and Jonas decided that they should keep the woman around longer, they got rid of the tribe annoyance. 4th Jury Member.

8th: Bill Posley

Because he played the best social game, he was decided that after Greg he should go. 5th Jury Member.

7th: Leif Manson

Was supposed to go before Greg but had immunity twice, so because of his cocky attitude he was the next to go. 6th Jury Member.

6th: Sabrina Thompson

After it was the just the 6 members of the alliance left, the men went after the woman and decided to get rid of Sabrina. 7th Jury Member.

5th: Kourtney Moon

Deemed too likable of all the girls, so was targeted next. 8th Jury Member.

4th: Jonas Otsuji

Even though he was supposed to be in the final three, Kat had immunity and they decided that Jonas had not done much to get there. 9th Jury Member.

2nd Runner-up: Colton Cumbie

Even though he started the Manono alliance, he was bashed by the jury for playing the game too hard. Got votes from Kourtney Moon.

Runner-up: Michael Jefferson

Was noted for his strategic gameplay, including getting the woman to join the alliance. Got votes from Greg, Bill and Jonas.

Winner: Kat Edorsson

Because of her outlasting all the girls and for her amazing social game, she was the 24th Sole Survivor. Got votes from Chelsea, Christina, Nina, Leif and Sabrina.