Let's just say this is gonna be an interesting season. First I will talk about all the castaways.

Manono: Michael- He is a huge villain. I can't wait to see how far he goes on that. Matt- Huge douche. Very egotistical. I hope he is gone soon. Colton-So gay it's hilarious. He cracks me up but can be annoying and has to change his game plan. Leif-I was shocked with how little screen time he got. Being the first little person on Survivor, you have a huge title to live up to. But he was calm and seemed like a nice guy. Jonas-I thought he was cool. But I didn't really see much of him so I can't decide if I like him or not. Bill- is playing too much under the radar. I didn't see him talk once. Jay- Like Leif, I was surprised on how little of screen time he got. I thought he was going to be like Colby or Boston Rob. But he seems cool. Troyzan- For the record this Troyzan vs Tarzan thing is the dumbest thing ever. But he seemed like the next Coach so I can't wait to see what he does. Tarzan-annoying. Get him off as soon as you can.

Salani: Sabrina- rooting for her. She seems like the funny black girl that you hanged out with at school. She is cool and I want to see her make the merge. Alicia-I hate her. So annoying and stupid. Egotistical. Reminds me of the girls that make fun of the outcast and misfits at school (why does everything remind me of school?). Well, I do not want her to win. Christina-I was already rooting for her when I saw the audition tape. She was sexy and looked strategic. I hope she makes it to the merge, cause then, she could win. Nina-another person I am rooting for. Because she is so old, but seems like Julie Wolfe or Jane Bright. Monica-didn't see too much of her so. Kat-at first I was rooting for her because she seemed funny and is from Florida, but didn't see much of her. Kim- again didn't see too much of her. Kourtney-very quirky. She reminds me of my family. I was rooting for her too.

First off, when Michael stole the stuff from the girls. That was a big moment in this episode that a lot of people are talking about. I thought it was hilarious, but I knew because of the One World twist, it was going to bite him in the ass. Then, there was the whole Christina and Alicia deal. I think what Christina was doing was very strategic. But, Alicia is too stupid and pig headed that she didn't see that. And the challenge. First, Kourtney broke her wrist. She was cool. But it was her fault. Jeff told them to keep their hands on their chest, but no one did it. Also, the men probably chose not to continue the challenge because since they had 8 people they had a higher chance of making it across. So I could see where they were going with that. And at Tribal Council, Alicia once agian bugged the shit out of me. She is a huge bitch. I was happy that Alicia yelled at her. But then Alicia just smiled, like agian, a mean girl at school. Jeez, I hate her.

So that was my take and it was short yes, but give it time and more amazing moments will happen.