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    One World episode 2

    February 23, 2012 by Hantzhatchwade

    Hello, this is episode 2 of One World.

    Salani-The worst tribe ever. Ulong might have lost every immunity challenge, but they didn't give up and remained a tad happy.Alicia is annoying, Kat is a wimp, and it just is Total Dysfunction. While I do not like Alicia, she is the strongest one and most the most strategic of the woman. Also, Monica is my new favorite because of how nice and leaderish she is.

    Colton is so gay. He is the gayest person ever. And that is why he cracks me up. I have never laughed so hard at Survivor than that immunity challenge with Colton. Also, Bill, Jonas, Leif, Troyzan and Tarzan are cool. I'm glad Colton finally started strategizing instead of being a drama queen.
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  • Hantzhatchwade

    One World Episode 1

    February 18, 2012 by Hantzhatchwade

    Let's just say this is gonna be an interesting season. First I will talk about all the castaways.

    Manono: Michael- He is a huge villain. I can't wait to see how far he goes on that. Matt- Huge douche. Very egotistical. I hope he is gone soon. Colton-So gay it's hilarious. He cracks me up but can be annoying and has to change his game plan. Leif-I was shocked with how little screen time he got. Being the first little person on Survivor, you have a huge title to live up to. But he was calm and seemed like a nice guy. Jonas-I thought he was cool. But I didn't really see much of him so I can't decide if I like him or not. Bill- is playing too much under the radar. I didn't see him talk once. Jay- Like Leif, I was surprised on how little of scr…

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  • Hantzhatchwade

    Sup. I'm Hantzhatchwade. This is how I think (well, want) Survivor: One World is gonna go down. note: because the castaways are living on one beach, I think it is unessicary to have a tribe swap, so I'm not going to do that.

    18th: Monica Culpepper

    I think because she is too old and is too pushy. She is also outcasted from the tribe because of this.

    17th: Kimberley Spradlin

    Because of her quirky and annoying personaltiy, she is also outcasted. Also, she is percieved a weakness to the tribe.

    16th: Matt Quinlan

    Tribemates said that we was playing the game too hard. Also, was very lazy around camp.

    15th: Troy Robertson

    Despite being liked for his eccentric personality by fans, tribemates called him too annoying and lazy. Was also exculeted from the ma…

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  • Hantzhatchwade

    South Pacific

    September 16, 2011 by Hantzhatchwade

    Well well well....Semhar Tadesse is voted out and sent to Redemption Island just as Jff Probst predicted. I was glad to see Ozzy change his vote from John Cochran (my favorite player right now besides Coach) to Semhar. I hope that Savaii dosent lose again and vote out Cochran but if they do lose maybe tey will realize that John is valuable and keep him. Dawn breaking down on day 2 is sad but pitiful. Maybe they will vote her off next. But i hope that my top 5 players will make it to the top 5 (Coach Wade, John Cochran, Rick Nelson, Elyse Ummemoto (or something like that) or Mark Caruso.

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