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Sorry Havana

Ham King March 24, 2013 User blog:Ham King

Ok here it goes....

Dear havana 

i am writing this to show u guys and the rest of the wiki world that im not some crazy psycho... I would like to apologize to Zac for saying the things i did i would like to apologize to ian aswell for potential ruining cuba. i would like to apologize to the rest of the havana tribe for going of the way i did i just felt like i still had alot more to offer and that i wasnt lying.. but u guys saw it that way and voted me of i tried to change how i acted but that wasnt good enough. so i am writting this apology post to ask for ur forgiveness if u dont wanna accept so be it but to let u know im not a psycho i am and it was just in that heat of the moment 


Luke ;)))) 

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