Hi! So as most of you probabaly know, there will be a new season premiering on February 26th... Survivor: Cagayan. I'm pretty excited about this new season because I can't wait to see how the whole brains vs beauty vs brawn theme plays out. I'm also excited about the brand new 18 castaways. So, I decided to do a cast analysis and prediction. So here it is:

Cast Analysis

Alexis Maxwell - I predict her to use the flirting strategy in a way similar to Parvati Shallow but also similar to Cierra Eastin because I think she will hide her intelligence underneath her flirting ways. Since I imagine her to be a pretty good strategist as well I predict her to make it past the merge but I don't think she will make it to the final 3 because people will think she played a strong game overall. Predicted Placement: 11th-4th

Brice Johnston - After reading his profile, I can tell already that I'm going to dislike him. I imagine him to be very cocky and annoying so I think he will play a game similar to Colton Cumbie. I think his cocky and annoying ego will backfire on him and his tribe will vote him out in the first few days, so I predict an early elimination for him. Predicted Placement: 18th-15th

Cliff Robinson - I can tell that he is going to he one of the strongest competitors this season in terms of challenges. I think that is going to be someone that can be trusted easily but backstab people when needed. Therefore, I predict that once they get closer towards the merge he will then be seen as a threat and blidsided. Predicted Placement: 15th-11th

David Samson - I think he will play an aggresive game and take the role as one of the villians this season, similar to Boston Rob or even Russel Hantz but less evil. Since he is on the brains team I imagine that he will take a more witty approach to playing the game in terms of strategy. While I predict him to play a 'go hard or go home' game, I think his aggressive gameplay will eventually catch up to him. Predicted Placement: 15th-10th

Garrett Adelstein - When I first saw him, I was suprised to see that he was placed on the brains tribe. With that said, I think he will be a triple threat player that will dominate challenges, be a strong strategic player, and even use his looks to his advantage, similar to Malcolm Freberg. Therefore I predict him to be very likeable and make it pretty far or even win. Predicted Placement: 6th-1st

J'Tia Taylor - It's pretty abvious from other peoples predictions that she will be one of the fan favorites this season. I think she will be one of the more likeable players this season and that she will be able to form strong alliances that will stay true to the end. On the other hand I think people will underestimate her so she could easily make her way to the final 3 and possibly win. Placement: 7th-1st

Jefra Bland - I first thought that she would be one of the ditsy players but after reading her profile she seems to be alot more intelligent than she looks. I think she will use her looks to her advantage as much as possible but still be a decent strategic player. With that said, I imagine her to be a weak link in challenges so she could either make it pretty far or be one of the first ones out. Predicted Placement: 16-6th

Jeremiah Wood - Being another young, handsome, country boy, I think he will be kind of like the tribe goofball and be liked by just about everyone. Also, I can tell he will be one of the more physically stronger competitors in challenges so I think he will definetely make it past the merge. Final 3, I'm not so sure about though. Predicted Placement: 10th-4th

Kassandra McQuillen - While she seems to be an intelligent person, I assume that she will be a liability to her tribe in challenges and that she will be one of the first people voted out. The way I see it, the only way she can make it pretty far is if she makes strong relationships with others, but until then I must give her a low placement. Predicted Placement: 18th-14th

Lindsey Ogle - While I have to assume that she will be one of the more pyhsically dominant players this season, I think that she will have one of the more outgoing and straight foward personalities which could annoy her tribe. I predict that if her tribe was to lose a challenge then she would be one of the first ones voted off. Predicted Placement: 18th-13th

LJ McKanas - I'm guessing that he is going to be a strong competitor and a great role model type figure for his tribe so I think he will most likely make it past the merge. From there I think he will be able to form strong alliances and strategize his way to the end so I predict he will make it atleast to the merge. However, I think he will play an agressive game, much to the disliking of others. Predicted Placement: 8th-1st

Morgan McLeod - Her profile definitely suggests that part of her strategy in the game is to use flirting and seducing. While this could probably work for a while I feel that alot of the beauty tribe is going to use this strategy, or atleast the females. I predict that her flirting will be seen as a threat but I do think she will get voted out closely before or after the merge. Predicted Placement: 14th-8th

Sarah Lacina - I'll be honest, when I first saw Sarah I thought she looked like a combination of Corinne and Jerri so I can't help but think that Sarah is going to play the game in a similar way. If so, she could she could make it far. But if not, I think that she will be voted off pre-merge for being seen as one of the weaker ones from her tribe while at the same time being a strategic threat. Predicted Placement: 15th-8th

Spencer Bledsoe - Along with David, I imagine Spencer as another one of the villians this season mainly because he seems cocky and over-confident. With that said he could easily be one of the greater strategic players so I predict he will make it very far, while at the same time I don't think anyone would hand him the million dollars because if he did make it to the final 3 it would most likely be because he blindsided and backstabbed his way there. Predicted Placement: 10th-4th

Latasha Fox - I can only assume that while Tasha will have a great spirit and positive attitude around her tribe, she could easily find herself on the outs of her tribe early and get voted off if her tribe was to lose. Even if that does not happen, I can't imagine her to be a strong physical player in the challenges either. Predicted Placement: 18th-14th

Tony Vlachos - While Tony will probably be one of the strongest physical players this season, I can't help but predict that he will be in the same situation as I earlier predicted Cliff to be in. While he could lead his tribe to multiple victories eventually they would see him as a threat and vote him off pre-merge. Predicted Placement: 15th-11th

Trish Hegarty - Taking my first look at Trish, I already predicted that she would make it far and possible even to the final 3 mainly because I think she will play the older and underestimated women role similar to Denise Stapely or Jane Bright but at the same time still do very well in challenges and be a great social player so I predict she will make it far past the merge, if not final 3. Predicted Placement: 6th-1st

Woo Hwang - I predict Woo's gameplay to be similar to Ozzy Lusth, because I think he will dominate in challenge (being a martial arts instructor) while still playing a strong social, strategic, and overall humble game. Therefore, while I don't think he will make it to the final 3, I predict he will most likely make it to the merge. Predicted Placement: 10th-4th

Elimination Prediction

18. Latasha

17. Brice

16. Kassandra

15. Lindsey

[Tribe Switch]

14. Tony

13. Cliff

12. Sarah


11. David

10. Morgan

9. Jefra

8. Spencer

7. Woo

6. Alexis

5. Jeremiah

4. Trish

[Final 3]

3. LJ

2. Garrett

1. T'Jia

So yeah, that's it. Agree? Disagree? Tell me what guys think! (which I'm sure most of you will anyways :P)