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  • HKTLovesGlimmer

    Hi! So as most of you probabaly know, there will be a new season premiering on February 26th... Survivor: Cagayan. I'm pretty excited about this new season because I can't wait to see how the whole brains vs beauty vs brawn theme plays out. I'm also excited about the brand new 18 castaways. So, I decided to do a cast analysis and prediction. So here it is:

    Alexis Maxwell - I predict her to use the flirting strategy in a way similar to Parvati Shallow but also similar to Cierra Eastin because I think she will hide her intelligence underneath her flirting ways. Since I imagine her to be a pretty good strategist as well I predict her to make it past the merge but I don't think she will make it to the final 3 because people will think she playe…

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