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Best Castaway Tournament

Grennin23 October 27, 2015 User blog:Grennin23

Hi. This is the Best Castaway Tournament. There will be matchups of two and you get to vote on who you think the Best Castaway is. I am doing it from backwards season order. Matchup #1

So Kim vs. Vince Sly

Matchup #2 Nina Poersch vs. Lindsey Cascaddan <3 (NOTE: you can still vote on the first matchup..

Matchup #3 Max Dawson vs. Joaquin Souberbielle

Matchup #4 Kelly Remington vs. Hali Ford <3

Matchup #5 Joe Anglim vs. Jenn Brown

Matchup #6 Shirin Oskooi vs. Tyler Fredrickson

Matchup #7 Dan Foley vs. Sierra Thomas

Matchup #8 Rodney Lavoie Jr. vs. Will Sims II

Matchup #9 Carolyn Rivera vs. Mike Holloway

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