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Saddening News

Alright...I have Saddening News to Share.

I have no new Custom Survivor Logos.  Ever since my Last Batch of Logos March 5th, 2015, I haven't made one Since because of Personal Issues, Military Summer Camp, Broken Beyond Repair Laptop(s), and me Forgetting about it.  Therefore, I am sad to say that, for now, I am done making Survivor Logos.

If you guys want me to Continue, then I will see what I can do, but the Chances of me continuing are very Slim to none.  I will probably still do Requests, though (someone Requested a Survivor Maine Logo, which has been completed ages ago).  I have 10 Sets of Survivor Logos on my Blog, which makes 40 Logos (10x4=40), so I hope you will Continue to enjoy those.  I hope you all can Understand and I apologize for if I made anyone Upset.  Thanks!

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