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Hi there, Survivor Wiki. I recently created some Survivor Logos of my own, should Survivor ever go to these places. I am looking for some Feedback on what I can Improve, as well as some Suggestions on what to put in the Logo. Whatever Logos I create, I will put in 1 Post. For Example, if I create 15 Logos, then 15 Pics would be in the Post. I would like to Thank Waterwecna for the Tutorial on how to make Custom Logos. For anyone who wants the Link, here it is:

For anyone who wants the Link to the Next 4 Logos, here it is:

The First Set of Logos that I made was "Survivor: Newfoundland", "Survivor: Japan", "Survivor: Canada", and "Survivor Mexico: Blood vs. Water."

Note: The Mexico Logo is Blood vs. Water! I thought of it when I realized the Silhouettes in the Picture were too big for the Corners. My Apologies if I upset anyone. I am Given to Understand that not many people like the Blood vs. Water Twist.

Survivor Newfoundland
Survivor Japan
Survivor Canada
Survivor Mexico

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