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    November 18, 2013 by FlipFlip

    I Keep having this recurring dream that there is a lot of people at a duel, similar to an immunity challenge, and its always down to Vytas versus Aras, and Vytas always narrowly beats his little brother. It's strange. It's the second time it happened. The first one Vytas helped Aras get ahead of Laura B. cuz he had nothing on his puzzle, but then he beat both of them. This last one it was pretty much Vytas versus Aras. I had also had a dream where Gervase beat Brad and it was the ski ball challenge from Ep 2. Weird RI dreams, but entertaining none the less. Is this an omen? Will Vytas defeat Aras at Redemption Island? This is no spoilers I promise, but its weird.

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    I'm just wondering, when the merge endurance challenge for Redemption Island comes, will it eliminate two players from the game completely, or just one and allow two people to join the merge tribe?

    In Redemption Island, the challenge was at F13. Sarita versus Matt and Matt won, and the tribes merged and made F12.

    In South Pacific, the challenge was at F13. Ozzy versus Christine, and Ozzy won, and the tribes merged and made F12.

    Will it be a truel with multiple people returning to the real game, or will it be all or nothing?

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