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Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 12; Who will be voted off?

Final seven is tonight... down to six after, who is going home?


-I feel like Carolyn and Will have a few more tribals left

The middle:

-Sierra never really strategizes, and Dan is weak in challenges so they are safe

In Jeopardy:

-Tyler has really been noticed as a tough player in challenges, Mike has been a target for the Escameca Alliance since Day 25 (I believe?) and has one the last 2 immunity challenges.

-And then there is Rodney; who is one of the weak strategizers and even though he is in the Escameca Alliance he could get blindsided.

Going to the Jury:

I think it will be Rodney because in promos it said he wanted to be on the jury (asking to be voted out), and his game is getting worse.

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