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Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Eliminations and Predictions (*Spoilers Ahead*)

Who do you think will get eliminated next? You're predictions/hopeful for? Just an FYI, I post who has been voted off/eliminated after the I've seen the episode. So if you are not caught up with the most recent episode and haven't seen/don't know who has been eliminated and don't want it to be spoiled for you, come back at a later time.

18. Darnell Hamilton

17. Jennifer Lanzetti

16. Liz Markham

15. Caleb Reynolds (medically evacuated)

14. Alecia Holden

13. Anna Khait

12. Peter Baggenstos

11. Neal Gottlieb (medically evacuated)

10. Nick Maiorano

9. Debbie Wanner

8. Scot Pollard

7. Julia Sokolowski

6. Kyle Jason

5. Joe del Campo (medically evacuated)

4. Cydney Gillon

3. Tai Trang

2. Aubry Bracco

1. Michele Fitzgerald

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