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Survivor: Cambodia Eliminations and Predictions

Who do you think will be eliminated? What's your prediction about the elimination order is going to be?

20. Vytas Baskauskas

19. Shirin Oskooi

18. Peih-Gee Law

17. Jeff Varner

16. Monica Padilla

15. Terry Deitz (Quit due to family issues)

14. Woo Hwang

13. Kass McQuillen

12. Andrew Savage

11. Kelly Wiglesworth

10. Ciera Eastin

9. Stephen Fishbach

8. Joe Anglim

7. Abi-Maria Gomes

6. Kimmi Kappenberg

5. Keith Nale

4. Kelley Wentworth

3. Tasha Fox (Tied Runner-Up)

2. Spencer Bledsoe (Tied Runner-Up)

1. Jeremy Collins

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