• DerpyandDawn

    Okay, Now that we have reached the jury stage of the game. I thought it'd be fun if we had a little prediction game! Okay the rules are simple, you choose ONE person you think has the best chance of winning and week by week we will go until there is one user left, and they win. They can request anything from the losers wether it be a picture or a favor, it doesn't matter. 

    Place Name User
    1 2 3 4 5
    ? Carolyn DerpyandDawn
    ? Sierra TylerWebkinzFan
    ? Will SkyFanTD
    ? Dan ShawnFan14
    ? Mike Wes Holden
    ? Rodney Tanglefrost
    7th Tyler Mirnish IN IN IN OUT
    8th Shirin Izzynoah12 IN IN OUT
    9th Jenn PepsiB&B IN OUT
    10th Joe TribalChants OUT Read more >