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Hello fellow wiki-ers i was curious out of the following contestants who would you potentially like to be interviewed please let me know and what questions you would like to be asked

Michael Skupin

Brandon Hantz 

Zane Knight

Jonathan Penner

Jerri Manthey

Rob Cesternino

Marty Piombo

Billy Garcia

Sarah Naomi Dawson

Yau-Man Chan

Scout Cloud Lee

Jonas Otsuji

Kat Edorsson

Dana Lambert

Coby Archa

Danielle DiLorenzo

Jane Hammett Bright

Mike Chiesl

Phillip Sheppard

Lea Masters

Earl Cole

Kelly Shinn

Kathy Sleckman

Russell Swan

Parvati Shallow 

Edna Ma

Holly Hoffman

Stephen Fishbach

Bobby Mason

Lex van den Berghe

Gillian Larson

David Murphy

Anthony Caruso

Terry Deitz

Naonka Mixon

John Cochran

Natalie Bolton

Krista Klumpp

Bill Posley

Dan Lembo

Richard Hatch

Keith Famie

Adam Gentry

Jill Behm

Judd Sergeant

Cao Boi Bui

Sash Lenahan

Teresa Cooper

Cirie Fields

Matthew von Ertfelda

Fabio Birza

Matty Whitmore

Jay Byars

Kim Spradlin

Dawn Meehan

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