Sonja Christopher- Would have liked to see her a little bit more, but I understand why they voted her off. (Also, how are we so sure she's gay?)

B.B. Anderson- Annoying. Rudy is the much better old man.

Stacey Stillman- Whiny, little bitch. Didn't like her.

Ramona Grey- Really lazy, but I did feel she redemed herself and should have made the merge at least.

Dirk Been- Really preachy and loves God way to much (But this IS coming from an atheist). Other than that he was kind of quiet.

Joel Klug- Liked him. Why did he get blamed for a joke Gervase made? Should have stayed.

Gretchen Cordy- Wished she would have been voted out after Jenna. Wanted her to at least make the jury.

Greg Buis- Hilarious. Loved every minute of him on screen. 

Jenna Lewis- How did she make is so far?! She's annoying! And that's one of the only reasons people remember her! Plus her not receving a video and her sex tape (what?!)

Gervase Peterson- Despite being somewhat sexist and lazy, he was a pretty charming and funny. I liked him okay.

Colleen Haskell- Aww, so cute. I liked her and she WAS funny, but I find her overrated. 

Sean Kenniff- Reminded me of Jerry Seinfield. Do I even have to bring up his alphabet stradegty? It was stupid. Gervase put it best in the commentray "Book smarts out the butt, but when it comes to common sense-" I forgot what he said after that.

Susan Hawk- The island really got to her, which is why I think she was all moody. Also, I don't understand something: Why is she such a good sport in the confessioanl after getting voted off, but filled with such bitter at the final tribal council.

Rudy Boesch- Who doesn't love Rudy? Very funny guy, and just knows what he is doing. He's a badass. 

Kelly Wiglesworth- Besides turning on her alliance and winning all those immunity challenges, she didn't do much. I'm glad she didn't win.

Richard Hatch- Of course, he was the first Survivor strategist and villain. He was so cocky, but charming at the same time. In my opinion, he isn't the greatest Survivor player, but set an example for the rest of them.

Debb Eaton- ROCKS!!! I feel bad for her due to all this media attention she got afterwards. I felt like she was trying to be good to her tribe, but came off as bossy.

Kel Gleason- Did I think he smuggled beef jerkey? Yes. Do I think Jerri should have gone through his bag and voted him out for that? No.

Maralyn Hershey- A badass. She is so cool. I wish they kept her for a longer amount of time, but I can see why they voted her off.

Mitchell Olson- Didn't talk much. I loved his "I Will Survive" parody.

Kimmi Kappenberg- I can't stand it when vegetarians and vegans are all like "You shouldn't eat this! Blah blah blah!" (no offense to any vegetarians or vegans out there), and I'm totally with Alicia on that fight. She was also VERY annoying.

Michael Skupin- Oh Michael. He is so accident prone. I would have liked to see him merge. He could have even won.

Jeff Varner- If they didn't vote him off so early, he could have been a real strategist. Wasted potential.

Alicia Calaway- Pretty cool. I liked her in All-Stars better though.

Jerri Manthey- I'm not saying she is a good person, but what did she do so villainious? She didn't play the game hard. Was it because she was annoying? Well they could have brought back Jenna Lewis for Heroes vs Villains too, if that's the case.

Nick Brown- Didn't do much. Don't even remember him

Amber Brkich- Rode on Jerri's coattails the whole time. Didn't do anything All-Star worthy. 

Rodger Bingham- I think he is my favorite contestant of the season. He's just sooooo nice. And his relationship with Elisabeth is so sweet. I wish they brought him back for another season.

Elisabeth Filarski- What I wanted Colleen to be. She was nice and cute, and later she started to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING! Unlike Colleen.

Keith Famie- A little annoying, but I liked him okay. Don't remember him doing any thing AMAZING.

Colby Donaldson- A regular old hero. Really nice, and a badass.

Tina Wesson- I think she deserved to win. She played the social game REALLY well. I liked her.