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  • I was born on July 25
  • My occupation is Badass
  • I am Male, Atheist, Movie Buff, BAMF, Survivor
  • D.Dixon

    Sonja Christopher- Would have liked to see her a little bit more, but I understand why they voted her off. (Also, how are we so sure she's gay?)

    B.B. Anderson- Annoying. Rudy is the much better old man.

    Stacey Stillman- Whiny, little bitch. Didn't like her.

    Ramona Grey- Really lazy, but I did feel she redemed herself and should have made the merge at least.

    Dirk Been- Really preachy and loves God way to much (But this IS coming from an atheist). Other than that he was kind of quiet.

    Joel Klug- Liked him. Why did he get blamed for a joke Gervase made? Should have stayed.

    Gretchen Cordy- Wished she would have been voted out after Jenna. Wanted her to at least make the jury.

    Greg Buis- Hilarious. Loved every minute of him on screen. 

    Jenna Lewis- How…

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