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Survivor: Philippines (My Way)

Contestant Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Finish     
Jeremy Collins Visayas 18th
Missy Payne Visayas 17th
Natalie Anderson Mindanao 16th
Val Collins Mindanao 15th
Baylor Wilson Visayas Mindanao 14th
Alec Christy Visayas Mindanao 13th
Keith Nale Visayas Visayas Luzon 12th
Reed Kelly Visayas Mindanao Luzon 11th
Kelley Wentworth Mindanao Visayas Luzon 10th
Julie McGee Mindanao Mindanao Luzon
Jon Misch Visayas Visayas Luzon
John Rocker Mindanao Mindanao Luzon
Nadiya Anderson Mindanao Mindanao Luzon
Jaclyn Schultz Visayas Visayas Luzon
Dale Wentworth Mindanao Mindanao Luzon
Josh Canfield Visayas Mindanao Luzon
Drew Christy Mindanao Visayas Luzon
Wes Nale Visayas Visayas Luzon

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