Elimination Predictions

  • Denise (Matsing) - She aggravated her tribe and conflicted with Angie and Roxy.
  • Lisa (Tandang) - Due to being a celebrity, she was viewed as undeserving of the money.
  • Russell (Matsing) - Ousted for being a veteran and a threat.
  • Jeff (Kalabaw) - Similar to Lisa, viewed as undeserving to win.

Team Shuffle - (Abi Maria, Angie, Carter, Malcolm, Artis, Dana, and Micheal become a different tribe I'll call Tribe A, while Katie, Johnathan, Pete, Roxy, R.C., Dawson, and Zane become another tribe I'll call tribe B.)

  • Zane (Tribe B) - The girls of the tribe made an alliance and got rid of him.
  • Dana (Tribe A) - Was a liability in water challenges.
  • Pete (Tribe B) - Deemed untrustworthy due to his friendships with Angie and Malcolm on Tribe A.
  • R.C. (Tribe B) - Johnathan played an idol, canceling out the girls alliance's votes, and eliminating R.C..

Merge/Jury Starts To Form - (Abi Maria, Angie, Carter, Malcolm, Artis, Micheal, Katie, Johnathan, Roxy, and Dawson remain.)

  • Katie - Tribe A remained together and voted off Katie, the leader of the girls alliance.
  • Michael - Malcolm, Angie, and Carter defected to the girls alliance and voted Michael out for being a threat.
  • Abi Maria - Ousted by the alliance of Angie, Carter, Malcolm, Roxy, and Dawson.
  • Artis - Ousted by the alliance of Angie, Carter, Malcolm, Roxy, and Dawson.
  • Dawson - After Johnathan wins immunity, Dawson is viewed as the most unloyal to the alliance and is blindsided.
  • Johnathan - Ousted by the alliance of Angie, Carter, Malcolm, and Roxy.
  • Carter - After Roxy wins immunity, Angie and Malcolm vote off Carter for being likable.

Final Three - Angie, Malcolm, Roxy

  • Roxy - Receives votes from Katie, and Dawson.
  • Angie - Receives votes from Abi Maria, and Artis.
  • Winner: Malcolm - Receives votes from Carter, Micheal, and Johnathan.

Elimination Order

18th - Denise
17th - Lisa
16th - Russell
15th - Jeff
14th - Zane
13th - Dana
12th - Pete
11th - R.C.
10th - Katie
9th - Michael
8th - Abi Maria
7th - Artis
6th - Dawson
5th - Johnathan
4th - Carter
3rd/2nd - Roxy/Angie
1st - Malcolm

Alliance Predictions

  • Girls Alliance - Katie, Roxy, Dawson, and R.C.
  • Malcolm's First Alliance - Malcolm, Angie, and Pete.
  • Team A Alliance - Malcolm, Angie, Carter, Michael, Artis, Abi Maria, and Johnathan.
  • Malcolm's Second Alliance - Malcolm, Angie, Carter, Roxy, and Dawson.