Hello everyone. Due to the sharp increase of vulgarity, spoiling, spamming, and overall rudeness displayed by our unregistered users (or Outcasts as they are called here), beginning tomorrow (March 03) the Survivor wiki will be implementing a new "account-only" policy. This means that editing and commenting on the wiki will now be restricted to only users with a wiki account. We don't know how long this new policy will last or even if it will end anytime in the near future. However, until the crude behavior ceases, this will be the reality of the wiki.

If you're an unregistered user and still wish to contribute to the Survivor wiki, creating an account is fast, free, and easy. Simply go to the top of your screen and hit "sign-up". From there, just enter a username, password and date of birth. Afterwords, you're back to being able to edit and comment again.

Thank you to everyone who is helping and supporting this major change to our wiki. This new policy will hopefully be a positive step for our community and lead to a more productive environment. If you have any questions about this change, please feel free to message me or any of the other admins at any time.

- Copper