You know the drill by now.


  • Carolyn Rivera - On her own, I don't think Carolyn has a prayer. In her video, she talks a lot about her family and how she hates the cold, which makes me think that she's a potential quitter. If she can push past this though and align with a majority (as I suspect she will) she could go far as a number until she's picked off or taken to the end as a goat. Predicted Placement: 15th - 3rd
  • Dan Foley - I REALLY like Dan. He looks like a down to earth guy and a super-fan of the show, which is always refreshing to see. Unfortunately he's on a tribe with four people in their twenties, so he may be an early target simply for being older and heavier. When it comes to Dan, I'm hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst. Predicted Placement: 18th - 11th
  • Hali Ford - Hali has one of the more interesting videos, openly talking about wanting a solid alliance with a curly-haired blond man (by process of elimination, this is either Tyler or Vince). If she plays her cards correctly, I think she can go far. However, I see her age working against her and she may come off as immature or bratty to the others witch could send her home early. Predicted Placement: 9th - 1st
  • Jenn Brown - It looks like for the first time in Survivor history the "stoner-surfer" is a girl. If Jenn is this person, we can expect her to follow the typical "surfer" game style: 1.) Get in alliance. 2.) Vote with alliance. 3.) Get voted out by other alliance when your alliance becomes the minority. That's pretty much Jenn's game in a nutshell right there. Predicted Placement: 9th - 5th
  • Joaquin Souberbielle - If the women of Masaya band together like I think they will, Joaquin will be one of the first to leave the game. Like Drew and Garrett, Joaquin will mistakenly believe that he is controlling the women of the tribe and is virtually immune from being voted out. Unfortunately for him, things wont pan out his way and he will likely be the first voted out of his tribe. Predicted Placement: 18th - 14th
  • Joe Anglim - Joe is like Malcolm, Hayden and Fabio all rolled into one. He's going to be incredibly likable and even strategic at times (but not overly so). If I was betting on a player to make final five, it'd be him. The only reason I think he could go prior to that is he enters the merge in the minority and is the victim of a Pagonging. I'm probably dead wrong, but Joe's my winner pick for now. Predicted Placement: 5th - 1st
  • Kelly Remington - Despite being the 85th Kelly in the history of the show, I see her playing more like Val from last season. She seems to have a strategy already planned out, but those hardly ever last till the end of the game. Kelly is going to play too hard and too fast for her tribe and will most likely be taking an early seat on the pre-jury express. Predicted Placement: 18th - 14th
  • Lindsey Cascaddan - Lindsey is honestly the saddest attempt by production to recast a previous contestant. This girl is literally a carbon copy of Lindsey from Cagayan. There is practically no difference I see between these to girls. I don't think she'll quit like her clone, but I don't see her going much farther than her either. Predicted Placement: 17th - 12th
  • Max Dawson - In a typical season, I think Max would be voted out relatively early. However, here he has the benefit of being on what appears to be the most diverse tribe. I could easily a women's alliance forming on this tribe and Max being added as a fourth. Unfortunately, I think Max will be one of the first to go after the inevitable tribe-switch if he is without allies. Predicted Placement: 15th - 12th
  • Mike Holloway - I actually had to watch his video twice because I couldn't understand him. Mike seems like an overall good guy but is unprepared for the game. He will find an alliance early and go to the merge without breaking a sweat. That's as far as he will get though, and will be promptly blindsided the first time he doesn't win immunity. Predicted Placement: 11th - 6th
  • Nina Poersch - Nina is going to struggle in multiple aspects of the game. Due to being older, I don't see her in her tribe's main alliance and will be an outsider because of it. Being deaf is another strike against her, as she may not understand challenges where multiple people are talking at once (she cites this as one of her concerns in her video). Her best chance of going far is hoping her starting tribe never loses and she is able to make the swap. Predicted Placement: 15th - 11th
  • Rodney Lavoie Jr. - This dude is going home early. He's gonna come in and behave similar to Tony and/or Boston Rob and be quickly identified as "over-playing" by his tribemates. However, that's assuming that the Escar-whatever tribe isn't completely stupid (which is becoming more obvious as I watch their videos), so he may go far. Predicted Placement: 18th - 9th
  • Shirin Oskooi - Seems kind of like an oddball. I'm actually looking forward to seeing her play though. I feel like she has the potential to make it deep into the game, especially since her tribe seems to be beaming with natural allies for her (So, Max, Carolyn). I'm not quite ready to pick her as the winner, but she'll definitely be around for awhile. Predicted Placement: 7th - 2nd
  • Sierra Dawn Thomas - I'm not sure what to think about her. On one hand, she seems like she's willing to make moves to further herself, but on the other hand, I'm not seeing a winner here. If she doesn't get the girls on her tribe together as a group, she will only fall into a Jefra-like role for a player with a bigger personality. Predicted Placement: 12th - 6th
  • So Kim - I'm getting major Nicaragua Brenda vibes from her. So's lucky enough to be on a tribe with Shirin and Carolyn and will probably form a racial minority/women's alliance with them. I also feel that if she makes the swap or merge, she'd be able to pull people like Will or Nina to her side. Like Brenda, I think her biggest potential downfall is arrogance and could be blindsided by one of her allies if she takes to much power. Predicted Placement: 9th - 1st
  • Tyler Fredrickson - This dude is literally Michael Snow with hair. A lot of people are going to think he's gonna be super strategic pre-season, but he wont. Tyler may be a big player early, but if he does actually make it far, he's going to be pushed into the background by people with more dominant personalities. In the end, I think Tyler will be one of the more forgettable people when all is said and done. Predicted Placement: 13th - 9th
  • Vince Sly - Vince is one of the few people this season who I'm completely puzzled by. I get the sense that he will be his tribe's "leader" and wont face much opposition in that role. After that, I really don't know what else to say about him. He seems like a nice guy, but I really can't see a scenario where he makes the finals. Predicted Placement: 15th - 4th
  • Will Sims - Like Nina, I don't think Will will be included in his team's majority alliance. However, I don't believe he will be targeted over her due to his strength in challenges. The first chance he gets, Will needs to flip to another tribe's majority. If he doesn't and makes the merge with his original tribe, he'll be promptly discarded when he's no longer of use. Predicted Placement: 16th - 7th

Elimination Order

  • 18th: Joaquin
  • 17th: Kelly
  • 16th: Rodney
  • 15th: Nina
  • 14th: Max
  • 13th: Lindsey
  • 12th: Tyler
  • 11th: Dan
  • 10th: Mike
  • 9th: Jenn
  • 8th: Will
  • 7th: So
  • 6th: Sierra
  • 5th: Vince
  • 4th: Hali
  • 3rd: Carolyn
  • Runner-Up: Shirin
  • Winner: Joe