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The film begins with the five Tashas "Goddesses of the arts and proclaimers of heroes" telling the story of how Jeff came to power and prevented the monstrous Kassians from ruling the world. Many years later, on Mount Olympus, the heavenly home of the Greek gods, as Jeff and his wife Lisa throw a palatial party to celebrate the arrival of their newborn son, Spencer. The tike's strength is enormous, as evidenced by his vice-like grip and a propensity for tossing around his father's lightning bolts. As a special gift, Jeff presents his son with a loyal companion named Brice - a winged horse created from cloud formations. Everyone is in a jolly mood except for one gloomy guest named Tony. This disgruntled god, who hates his job as Lord of the Underworld, is tired of hanging around with a bunch of deadbeats and has been secretly plotting a hostile takeover of Mount Olympus.

Back in the Underworld, the fiery Tony commiserates with his two dim-witted and demonic, shape-changing sidekicks, Trish and Woo, and consults with the Fates (Alexis, Jefra and Lindsey), a trio of wizened women who use a common eyeball to gaze into the future, to find out what impact Spencer may have on his plans. They tell him that in 18 years the planets will align and the time will be right to unleash the Kassians and topple Jeff. They add: "A word of caution to this tale; should Spencer fight, you will fail." Not wanting to tempt the Fates, Tony dispatches Trish and Woo to Mount Olympus to abduct the child, give him a potion which would render him mortal and then dispose of him. But after bringing Baby Spencer to Earth, the sidekicks bungle their mission and fail to administer the last few drops of the potent "Grecian formula," which leaves the infant with god-like strength but human mortality. Figuring that Tony will be none the wiser, Trish and Woo take off and Spencer is found by a mortal couple, LJ and Sarah, who raise him as their own.

Unaware of his origins, Spencer grows into a gawky teen but increasingly feels that he doesn't quite fit in. His uncontrollable strength wreaks havoc and further alienates him from the townsfolk. Determined to "go the distance" and find his place in the world, Spencer is unsure what to do until Sarah tells him that he was adopted. A medallion, the symbol of the gods, offers one clue to his origins, so Spencer decides to go to the Temple of Jeff to seek some answers. There, a statue of Jeff springs to life and father and son are reunited. Jeff tells the boy that only gods can live on Mount Olympus and the only way he can return home is to prove himself a "true hero" on Earth. His father suggests that he seek out a trainer of heroes named Daivd ("Phil" for short) to help him in his mission. Jeff also brings Spencer together with his childhood companion, the flying Brice.

Flying to the Island of Idra on Brice's back, Spencer locates David, a sarcastic satyr, who advises him that he's retired from the hero-training racket. Still reeling from his latest failure, a heel named Cliff, David is "persuaded" to take the lad on as his "one last hope" to coach a champion. An intense training period follows whereby Spencer learns to harness his strength and prepare for the task of becoming a hero.

David and Spencer head to Thebes, the toughest town in Greece, but are sidetracked by a damsel in distress. The woman is a Grecian beauty named Morgan and she appears to be at the mercy of a self-centered centaur named Garrett. After a shaky start, Spencer conquers the beast only to find that Morgan wasn't in danger after all. She is tough, resourceful, witty and unlike any woman he has ever met. After Spencer and company depart, Morgan is joined by her "boss" Tony, who wants to know why she failed to enlist the services of Garrett. When she explains the snafu and mentions the name of her rescuer, Tony has a cosmic meltdown at the realization that his nemesis is still alive. After a heated exchange with Trish and Woo, he begins making new plans for eliminating Spencer.

Meanwhile, in the "Big Olive" (Thebes), a hapless metropolis plagued by disasters and monsters, Spencer sets about building his "rep" as a hero. When Morgan arrives seeking assistance for "two children" (actually Trish and Woo in disguise) trapped in a gorge after a rockslide, Spencer moves into action unaware that it is all part of Tony's scheme. On the scene, Spencer is drawn into battle with the J'Tia, a ferocious monster that sprouts multiple heads to replace any that are severed. With David's coaching, Spencer manages to slay the creature and is hailed as a hero. Enraged, Tony mounts an offensive and sends a slew of monsters in every shape and size (wild boars, sea serpents, a Minotaur) to challenge the hero. Each new victory adds to Spencer's fame as he catapults from "zero to hero" and instantly becomes a household word, a merchandising sensation and a heartthrob. Statues and merchandise are soon rampant with Spencer's face, and he thinks that his fame will allow him to return to Mount Olympus. However, upon visiting the Temple of Jeff again, Jeff explains to Spencer that fame does not equal heroism. When Spencer asks to know what he can do, Jeff refuses to explain further.

With the moment he has waited 18 years for rapidly approaching and Spencer still at large, Tony becomes increasingly stressed and desperate. He dispatches Morgan, who convinces Spencer to come with her for an evening rendezvous. However, Morgan's intentions are to secretly find Spencer's weakness, but as the night goes on, she begins to find him charming. The mood is broken when David and Brice show up to take Spencer home. During the flight away, David ends up getting hit by a tree, and falls off Brice. When he comes to, he sees Morgan talking to Tony, with their conversation sounding as if Morgan has been two-timing Spencer. In truth, Morgan refuses to go along with Tony's plan to harm Spencer, claiming that he has no weakness. However, Tony then realizes that Morgan has developed feelings for Spencer, and that SHE is his actual weakness.

Overhearing the conversation, David leaves to tell Spencer, not hearing the part about Morgan's refusal to help destroy him. Spencer, still ecstatic from the date, refuses to believe David's warning about Morgan, even hitting him in a flash of blind anger, prompting David to quit as his trainer. After he leaves, Tony confronts Spencer, offering Morgan's safety if the hero will give up his strength for 24 hours (long enough for Tony to free the Kassians and conquer Olympus). Spencer is reluctant to see innocent people get hurt, but Tony vows that no harm will come to Morgan. Spencer agrees, and Tony takes the opportunity to humiliate him before revealing Morgan's role in his scheme.

Enacting his plan, Tony frees the Kassians who proceed to attack Mount Olympus and imprison the other Gods. Meanwhile back in the Thebes, Tony has sent a giant Jeremiah to finish off the weakened and dispirited Spencer. Even though he is still drained of his strength, Spencer still tries to stop the creature but is brutally beaten as a result. Hoping to save Spencer, Morgan hurries to fetch David, who convinces Spencer not to give up. Using his wits, he is able to defeat the Jeremiah and send him hurtling off a cliff.

The monster's fall causes a pillar to topple towards Spencer and Morgan pushes him out of the way, taking the impact of the pillar. This in turn causes Spencer to regain his strength because Tony's end of the bargain is now broken as he promised that Morgan wouldn't get hurt. Spencer leaves Morgan in the care of his David while he rushes off to thwart Tony's invasion of Olympus. Freeing the captured gods, he captures three of the Kassians in the tornado body of the fourth and throws them into space, where they explode. He returns to Morgan's side only to learn that her injuries were fatal.

However, Spencer then travels to the Underworld to rescue Morgan's spirit. When Tony points out that Morgan is dead and belongs in the Underworld now, Spencer makes a deal that he will trade his soul for Morgan's. Tony agrees to this - if Spencer can get her out. To do so, he must dive into the River Styx, which swiftly ages mortals upon contact, killing them if they spend too long in there. Spencer nevertheless enters the pool to rescue Morgan's soul. He does not die, however, as his selfless act fulfills the requirement for being a true hero and, thus, Spencer regains his godhood. He then defeats Tony by punching him into the River Styx, and returns Morgan's soul to her body.

Spencer is invited by Jeff to live in Olympus, which was indeed originally his wish, but he decides rather to live his life on earth as a mortal with Morgan. Although he will eventually die, he believes that even an immortal life without Morgan would be empty. Finally, Spencer returns to Thebes where he is hailed as a true hero as Jeff creates a picture of him in the stars commemorating his heroism.

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