Hey everyone! It's time once again for my (bound to be completely wrong) prediction blog! To do this blog, I'm going off CBS' "Meet the Cast" video as well as the Individual contestant videos. Enjoy and please leave a comment!


  • Alec Christy - Five seconds into his video, I could tell that Alec would be the season's "Stoner-Surfer." He's going to latch on to one person early (like Woo did with Tony and Carter did with Jeff Kent), and loyally follow them till the ends of the earth. Because of this, Alec should make the merge without much difficulty, but like the surfers before him, just fall short of the finish line. Predicted Placement: 7th - 2nd
  • Baylor Wilson - Baylor is one of the few women this season who I feel has the potential to do well. I think that she will be able to bond with the other Coyopa girls as well as earn the respect of the men for her physical strength in challenges. The only major bump I see for her is her mother. If she reunites with Missy at some point, her game could fall apart due to their close bond. Predicted Placement: 8th - 3rd
  • Dale Wentworth - Dale seems like the leader-type to be honest. He will be hard-working around camp, but also personable to the others and wont come off as bossy or intimidating. Like many other Coyopa members, I'm not quite sure how I feel about his game long-term, but I wouldn't be surprised if he goes far based on likability alone. Predicted Placement: 14th - 6th
  • Drew Christy - Even though he's similar to Alec in terms of attitude, Drew seems to be slightly more suave and aloof then his brother. I predict that Drew will most likely be the ring-leader of an "Alpha-Male" alliance on Hunahpu, running the early stages of the game. However, I don't see where Drew goes after a tribe-swap or merge. If he remains with his allies, he could possibly make the finals, but if he is left alone, he'll implode and be taken out shortly after the merge. Predicted Placement: 12th - 1st
  • Jaclyn Schultz - This poor girl has no clue what she signed up for. The second it rains the camera will pan to Jaclyn curled up in a ball, crying and wanting to quit. Additionally, her voice and eyes reminds me of Katie from the previous Blood vs. Water, who bored me to tears. She could make it far by being a "Purple Kelly", but I don't see that happening. Predicted Placement: 15th - 11th
  • Jeremy Collins - The resemblance to Gervase is uncanny. The voice, the demeanor, it's all there. That being said, I think Jeremy will bond well with the other Hunahpu men, but could also rub them the wrong way with his "overly-perky" attitude and demeanor. I don't necessarily have high hopes for him. Predicted Placement: 15th - 10th
  • John Rocker - Dude talks A LOT. Interestingly enough, little of what he said actually makes sense. Clearly this guy was not picked for his intelligence. He'll probably last for awhile based on his physical strength but will be voted out shortly after the merge. Predicted Placement: 12th - 8th
  • Jon Misch - This season seems stacked with "dumb-jocks" and Jon is no exception. I predict Jon will align with the men of Hunaphu early and will loyally vote as instructed. However, if Jaclyn somehow makes the merge I could see his loyalty completely flip to whatever group she's with. In the end, I don't see a winner in him. Predicted Placement: 9th - 6th
  • Josh Canfield - Josh looks like Neil Patrick Harris with bad hair. Looking at him, I become bombarded by memories of Chet from Micronesia, whom I consider to be one of the worst players of all time. Josh seems like a really nice guy, but I'm not sure if he's cut out to play Survivor. I don't see him making it far. Predicted Placement: 16th - 11th
  • Julie McGee - Julie will be the girl who all the guys love and all the girls hate. I see a possible "Guys Alliance" forming early on Hunahpu and believe that Julie will be voting along with them against the other women. Because of that, I can see her making the merge, but not much farther. Predicted Placement: 13th - 9th
  • Keith Nale - Unfortunately due to his age, I don't believe Keith will be included in the Hunaphu Guys Alliance (they'll have Julie in his place). Instead, I predict he'll be close with Kelley and Missy, preferring to spend time with them as opposed to the other males. I also get the sense that he could injure easily and be medivaced at a moments notice. Predicted Placement: 16th - 11th
  • Kelley Wentworth - Physically, Kelley will likely be the strongest woman on Hunaphu. That being said, I don't think she'll be voted out very early. However, I predict that she will be shunned by the guys on her team and instead gravitate towards Keith and the other women of the tribe. She could do damage at the merge, but if Hunaphu goes on a losing streak, she might be in trouble. Predicted Placement: 11th - 5th
  • Missy Payne - Missy is going to struggle this season. Being the oldest woman, I assume that she'll be a quick target of the Hunaphu men, should they lose right away. Also, the fact that she wont willingly vote against her daughter also raises flags for me. While she seems like a nice women, I don't see her going far. Predicted Placement: 16th - 13th
  • Nadiya Anderson - I watch The Amazing Race, so I adore the Twinnies. For those of you who don't, these girls are very high-energy and bicker a lot between themselves. However, if I had to place a bet on who will go farther, I'd bet on Nadiya, due to being on the more versatile Coyopa tribe. I predict she'll be around for the long haul if her temper doesn't get in the way. Predicted Placement: 10th - 7th
  • Natalie Anderson - Pretty much the exact same as Nadiya. However, I actually think Natalie will be one of the first few voted out. She has to be deluded if she thinks that no one will recognize her from The Amazing Race, and with the potential for another guys alliance in the making, I think Natalie will be an easy target. Predicted Placement: 18th - 14th
  • Reed Kelly - I get a better feeling on Reed then I do his partner. Reed comes off as stronger and more likable then Josh, in addition to being slightly more grounded. I think Reed has the potential to go far, especially considering he appears on the stronger tribe starting out. I see him going far, but I'm not ready to consider him a potential winner. Predicted Placement: 9th - 3rd
  • Val Collins - I get sort of a Cirie-like vibe from her. Unfortunately, I don't believe that Val has the social/strategic skills that Cirie possessed. I'm going to make a bold prediction and say that Val will be one of the first three people voted out this season, most likely due to failing a challenge. Predicted Placement: 18th - 15th
  • Wes Nale - Wes will likely fall into two different paths. The J.T. path, or the Jeremiah path. If Wes takes the J.T. path, he'll be extremely well-liked by almost everyone in the game and will also be good at challenges, which could lead him to a potential win. However, if Wes chooses the Jeremiah path, he will be simply voting along with the majority until his ultimate elimination at the hands of another alliance. As much as I would like to believe the former, I'm leaning towards the latter. Predicted Placement: 8th - 1st


Coyopa: This tribe is more difficult for me to analyze. I see several of it's members folding early (Val, Josh and Jaclyn), but others such as Baylor and Wes going far and doing really well. What I see happening is Rocker forming an alliance with Wes, Baylor, Alec and Jaclyn, targeting the other four members of the tribe. After picking off Val and Josh, Wes, Baylor and Alec form a side-alliance with Nadiya, and convince Rocker to turn on the weak Jaclyn. Assuming this season has no Tribe-Swap, this tribe will enter the merge with six members (Rocker, Baylor, Wes, Alec, Dale and Nadiya) acting as a unified alliance.

Hunahpu: Like I mentioned frequently in my contestant section, I see this tribe being dominated by alpha-males. I predict that almost immediately, an alliance of all of the tribe's men will form, with the exception of Keith, who will be replaced by Julie. After unanimously voting out Natalie for her reputation, this "Guy's Alliance" will take control of the tribe, eliminating all the outsiders until only Kelley remains. Like Coyopa, this tribe will also enter the merge with six members, five of them allied (Drew, Jon, Jeremy, Reed and Julie) and Kelley acting on her own.

Elimination Order

  • 18th: Natalie
  • 17th: Val
  • 16th: Keith
  • 15th: Josh
  • 14th: Missy
  • 13th: Jaclyn
  • 12th: John
  • 11th: Jeremy
  • 10th: Kelley
  • 9th: Julie
  • 8th: Dale
  • 7th: Alec
  • 6th: Nadiya
  • 5th: Jon
  • 4th: Reed
  • 3rd: Baylor
  • Runner-Up: Drew
  • Winner: Wes