It's time once again for my pre-season predictions! These are my predictions for the cast and elimination order based on their personal bio and the "Meet the Cast" video alone. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment!


  • Alexis Maxwell - A total Parvati knock-off. Hopefully she realizes that the "flirty" game usually doesn't work and has herself a backup plan. If not, she wont make the merge. Guaranteed. Predicted Placement: 18th - 12th
  • Brice Johnston - I can already tell I'm going to hate him. He seems to remind me of one other previous homosexual contestant *cough*Colton*cough* whom I outright despise. Anyway, hopefully he will annoy the crap out of his tribe and they'll send him packing. Predicted Placement: 18th - 6th
  • Cliff Robinson - There's something I like about Cliff. Though he's a celebrity, he looks like a very grounded and nice guy. His tribe will probably keep Cliff around for his strength and he will easily sail to the merge. Unfortunately, no one would ever vote to give him the million. Predicted Placement: 10th - 4th
  • David Samson - It seems that David leads a very stable and successful life, so he really doesn't NEED the money. It wont take long till he is forced to reveal his occupation to the others, and when he does...... Predicted Placement: 15th - 11th
  • Garrett Adelstein - Based on his bio alone, Garrett seems like a very intelligent and sarcastic kind of guy. I feel like Garrett could easily charm his way into an alliance and could make it to the Final Tribal Council easily. One last thing, HOW IS HE NOT ON THE BEAUTY TRIBE?! Predicted Placement: 6th - 1st
  • J'Tia Taylor - J'Tia looks to me like an all-around decent player who could go either way depending on how she interacts with the others. If she comes across as condescending, she wont go far. But if she forges relationships early, we could possibly have our winner. Predicted Placement: 16th - 1st
  • Jefra Bland - Despite a very strange name, Jefra's cute. I predict she'll be pleasant and likeable, but will falter when it comes to challenges. Additionally, beauty pageant contestants don't have a great track-record on this show. Odds are she will follow in the footsteps of Angie and Hope, being the third person eliminated. Predicted Placement: 18th - 16th
  • Jeremiah Wood - I'm pretty convinced that if J.T. and Caleb had a baby it would be Jeremiah. That being said, I think Jeremiah will attempt to play a game similar to both of these men. He'll be an upfront and honest player, but will be strategic and eliminate his allies should the need arise. Predicted Placement: 11th - 5th
  • Kassandra McQuillen - Kassandra is another contestant who could either do really well or really bad. While she seems pleasant and funny, her overall strength in psychical challenges may cause her team to see her as weak or useless. Luckily, I think if Kassandra teams up with the right people, she'll do just fine. Predicted Placement: 18th - 10th
  • Lindsey Ogle - I can't really get a good read on Lindsey to be honest. While she appears likable, I just can't picture her making it very far. I think she'll be liked by her tribe, but will probably be the first person voted out if they lose. Predicted Placement: 16th - 13th
  • LJ McKanas - LJ looks like the "leader" type to me. I predict he'll act very much like Brad the previous season, but with more charisma. He looks like the kind of guy who could lead a strong alliance, so long as they don't grow annoyed by his demeanor and betray him. Winner Material? No. Merge Material? Absolutely. Predicted Placement: 9th - 4th
  • Morgan McLeod - I have the utmost confidence that Morgan will be the "ditz" of the season. Big boobs, tiny brain, the whole package. I think she'll follow the typical "background character" role of finding an alliance early, making the merge, and then be voted out for some odd reason. Predicted Placement: 10th - 8th
  • Sarah Lacina - Sarah looks like a combination of Dawson and Corinne. She'll be able to easily read her fellow contestants and build her strategy around that. She looks like she could go far, but could also be sent home relatively early for being the girl who "knew too much". Predicted Placement: 14th -9th
  • Spencer Bledsoe - Drawing some similarities to Redemption Island's Kristina, Spencer will come in attempting to be the "villain" of the season. Fortunately for us, he looks to be on a tribe of people who will most likely not fall for his manipulations and will shoot him down before he has a chance to get off the ground. Predicted Placement: 13th -9th
  • Latasha Fox - I already know that I'm going to like this girl. She looks like a ton of fun and will have great confessionals. Heck, she could even be the new Cirie if she lasts long enough. Sadly though, I think that out of everyone on the "brains" tribe, she'd most likely be the outcast and an easy vote should they lose. Predicted Placement: 18th - 13th
  • Tony Vlachos - Why is Vin Diesel playing Survivor?! Any laughs at that joke? No? Whatever then. Tony will do okay, probably will buddy-up with Cliff right away and make the merge. In my opinion, Tony will be the guy "Purple Kelly" of the season, never talking until it's the episode where he'll be voted out. Predicted Placement: 10th - 6th
  • Trish Hegarty - I think Trish has the chance to win this game. I really do. She looks to be a super-fan of the show and knows what it takes to make it far. I predict that she'll take a role similar to Sherri from Caramoan, but with a more gentler and likable approach to it. I really hope I'm right about her, as she genuinely seems to be one of the better contestants this season. Predicted Placement: 6th - 1st
  • Woo Hwang - Woo is basically a younger Bruce from Panama. All this guy will talk about is martial arts, which will undoubtedly annoy his tribemates (and viewers). The odds of this dude lasting long are minimal at best. Predicted Placement: 14th - 10th

Elimination Order

  • 18th: Latasha
  • 17th: Kassandra
  • 16th: Jefra
  • 15th: Lindsey
  • 14th: David
  • 13th: Woo
  • 12th: Alexis
  • 11th: Spencer
  • 10th: Sarah
  • 9th: LJ
  • 8th: Morgan
  • 7th: Tony
  • 6th: Brice
  • 5th: Cliff
  • 4th: Jeremiah
  • 3rd: J'Tia
  • Runner-Up: Trish
  • Winner: Garrett