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  • Aras Baskauskas: I've always thought that Panama was a very forgettable season, so I'm quite surprised to see Aras here. That being said, I just don't see him going very far and probably wont make the merge. Predicted Placement: 15th - 12th
  • Brad Culpepper: Brad will be obviously recognized from his time in the NFL and will most likely targeted right away as no one will want to give him (or Monica for that matter) anymore money. I guarantee, he wont be around long. Predicted Placement: 20th - 15th
  • Caleb Bankston: To me, Caleb seems like a nicer version of Colton. However, I don't see anyone on Tadhana who will particularly be keen on aligning with him. Should he make the merge though, he may get farther then I think. Predicted Placement: 17th - 12th
  • Candice Cody: This season will be an uphill battle for Candice. Everyone knows of her betrayals during her previous seasons, and no one will want to ally with her. Especially with Rupert on her tribe, I believe that Candice will be among the first of the returning players to leave. Predicted Placement: 20th - 15th
  • Ciera Eastin: I don't have much thought on Ciera as of now. She seems like the kind of contestant who can go anytime, I don't see her winning though. Predicted Placement: 20th - 2nd
  • Colton Cumbie: If my thoughts on Candice prove to be true, then Colton will struggle this season as well. Outside of Kat and Monica, I don't think many people will want to work with him. I don't see him making the merge because of this. Predicted Placement: 18th - 14th
  • Gervase Peterson: It will be interesting to see Gervase play again after so much time has past. If he has watched previous seasons and realizes how the game gas changed, he should do okay. But if he doesn't adapt fast enough, he could be lose out on the win. Predicted Placement: 10th - 1st
  • Hayden Moss: Like Brad, some people will probably recognize him from Big Brother and target him immediately. However, unlike Brad, I think Hayden will generally be well-liked by his tribe and make the merge with little difficulty. However, I doubt anyone would let him make it to the finale. Predicted Placement: 10th - 4th
  • John Cody: John strikes me as being very smart, but also being very bossy. I predict that he will most likely try to lead Tadhana but will be met with opposition from some of the female members. If this is true, I think he will be the last person voted out before the merge. Predicted Placement: 15th - 11th
  • Kat Edorsson: I love Kat. I really do. Sadly though, I think most of Galang will find her useless and annoying. Coupled with the fact that she isn't great in challenges, I don't see Kat making it to the merge. Predicted Placement: 17th - 14th
  • Katie Collins: I think there is much more to Katie then she appears. I can see Katie quickly assembling an alliance with the other girls on her tribe and going deep into the game. However, people will eventually wise up to Katie and will be viciously blindsided. Predicted Placement: 8th - 5th
  • Laura Boneham: Despite being one of the older Galang members, I think Laura will make camp pleasant and wont rock the boat to much. However, due to have already won because of Rupert in All-Stars, I predict she'll go shortly after the merge. Predicted Placement: 11th - 9th
  • Laura Morett: I'm quite surprised to see Laura return this season. Though she was a prominent figure in Samoa, I don't see Laura as a very powerful or influential player this time around. I see her making the merge and that's about it. Predicted Placement: 12th - 7th
  • Marissa Peterson: Due to her age, I think Marissa will be highly confrontational and disliked by her tribe. Though if she can ally with some of the girls, she could get far, but I kind of doubt it. Predicted Placement: 19th - 16th
  • Monica Culpepper: Another player I'm shocked to see. Like her husband, I don't think that many people will be happy in handing her more money and take her out once more of the dangerous contestants are eliminated. Predicted Placement: 15th - 12th
  • Rachel Foulger: Anyone else think she looks like the Duchess of Cambridge? Anyway, Rachel seems to stand in stark contrast to Tyson and genuinely appears very down to earth and pleasant. I predict that she will make the merge, but if she latches on to Tyson she wont make it to the end. Predicted Placement: 7th - 1st
  • Rupert Boneham: Unlike Boston Rob, I don't think that the fourth time will be the charm for Rupert. By now, everyone knows what Rupert is capable of and with people like Aras and Tyson on his team his talents for fishing and camp work are easily replaceable. This will probably be the first time he wont even make the jury. Predicted Placement: 17th - 13th
  • Tina Wesson: If you have watched Australian Outback, then you know that Tina is a very strategic player. I believe that Tina will most likely establish a majority alliance within the Galang tribe and make the merge relatively unscathed. However, I think it wont be long after that she is shot down, with her own daughter quite possibly pulling the trigger. Predicted Placement: 9th - 6th
  • Tyson Apostol: Despite his snide demeanor, Tyson always seemed to be well-liked by his previous tribes and I don't think that this will change during this season. I think Tyson will undoubtedly make the merge and could go all the way by winning individual immunities alone. Predicted Placement: 6th - 1st
  • Vytas Baskauskas: Out of all the contestants this season, I feel that we know the least about Vytas. I believe he will be the season's Purple Kelly and will most likely buddy-up with Hayden until he reunites with Aras. He will alsmost certainly make the merge, but I can guarantee he wont win. Predicted Placement: 11th - 8th

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