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Copper's Pre-Season Prediction/Thoughts!

Copper5 January 12, 2013 User blog:Copper5


  • Allie Pohevitz - This girl seems like trouble with a capital T. She strikes me as someone who will be constantly flirting with the male members of her tribe, which may take her deep into the game. Unfortunately, I just cant see her winning. Placement: Post-Merge Boot
  • Andrea Boehlke - My favorite girl from Redemption Island, and perhaps the closest connection I have to any contestant on the show (See connections on my userpage). Anyway, I see Andrea going far into the competition with a partner, and who knows? She may even a showmance with a certain bartender. Placement: Post-Merge Boot, Potential Winner
  • Brandon Hantz - I wonder whose idea it was to let this nut out of the asylum. Hopefully this little lunatic will revert to his obnoxious ways and taken out early. Although, he may stick around due to being so unlikeable and easy to beat in the end. Placement: Pre-Merge Boot
  • Brenda Lowe - My favorite contestant from the three-ring circus that was Nicaragua. Hopefully she can actually get some smart people to ally with her this time and not put her trust in complete morons like last time. If she plays her cards right, she could be a potential winner. Placement: Post-Merge Boot, Potential Winner
  • Corinne Kaplan - Super glad that the Wicked Witch of Gabon is returning for another stab at the million! I found Corinne hilarious back in her first season, but unfortunately I think her attitude and reputation will make her an early target, and voted out rather quickly. Placement: Pre-Merge Boot
  • Dawn Meehan - I'm really unsure how Dawn will fare amongst the returning players. I could see her making it to the end just as easily being one the first voted out. It all depends on who she allies with. Placement: Pre-Merge Boot, Post-Merge Boot, Potential Winner
  • Eddie Fox - This guy seems to have the potential to be another Ozzy. He could dominate in challenges as well as the social aspect of the game. He'll likely make the merge but will eventually get cut off for being a threat. Placement: Post-Merge Boot
  • Erik Reichenbach - Erik is another person who could really be eliminated at any time, or could go on to win the whole thing. I'm not really sure what else to say about him. In fact, I'm only still typing this to take up space. Placement: Pre-Merge Boot, Post-Merge Boot, Potential Winner
  • Francesca Hogi - Franchezca, Fransasquatch, Francescinabox, Franczechrepublic, or whatever her name is wont be around long. Odds are, she wont make many allies or friends and just may be the first person to be eliminated first twice. Placement: Pre-Merge Boot
  • Hope Driskill - There's something I like about this girl. She seems to be quite intelligent so hopefully she can break the stereotype of the ditzy pageant girl. As long as she stays quiet and does not get into any confrontations, she may have a good shot at winning. Placement: Post-Merge Boot, Potential Winner
  • John Cochran - Another person who I'm not quite sure about. His reputation from his previous season may cause him to be voted out early, but if he can find and establish a solid alliance with a majority he could potentially be a finalist. Placement: Pre-Merge Boot, Post-Merge Boot, Potential Winner
  • Julia Landauer - She doesn't strike me as someone who has "winner potential". I don't think she will blend well with the rest of her tribe and will likely go relatively early. However, she could make the merge if she's lucky. Placement: Pre-Merge Boot, Post-Merge Boot
  • Laura Alexander - Laura seems to be the person who is "just there" this season. I don't think she will develop any major drama or excitement, and the moment she gets more then thirty seconds of screen-time will be promptly eliminated. Placement: Post-Merge Boot
  • Malcolm Freberg - Another one of my faves. Unfortunately though, unless he allies with certain people (Andrea) he may be voted out early due to being relatively unknown to the rest of the cast. Though if he makes the merge, he could go on an immunity run all the way to the end. Placement: Pre-Merge Boot
  • Matt Bischoff - Matt Seems like a cool guy with a great name. However, it's pretty likely he will be among the first batch gone. I don't think he will fit in with the rest of his tribe and will only stick around if his tribe wins consistently. Placement: Pre-Merge Boot
  • Michael Snow - Meh, just meh. I don't think he'll make much of an impact on the season and will be voted out early. That's about it. Placement: Pre-Merge Boot
  • Phillip Sheppard - Super stoked to see "The Specialist" back with his pink underwear. I think Philip will probably fall into his previous role of being the dragged along accomplice to a more intelligent player. Hopefully though, he will last long enough to start up "Stealth R Us: Part Two" with some other people. Placement: Post-Merge Boot
  • Reynold Toepfer - It appears that Reynold may be our strategist of the season. I think he will probably make an alliance with the majority of his tribe and crush the opposition until eventually being blindsided by someone close to him. Placement: Post-Merge Boot
  • Shamar Thomas - He wont last long. I feel like he may get mad over small things and blow them out of proportion. Though he may stick around till the merge he wont go any farther. Placement: Pre-Merge Boot
  • Sherri Biethman - Sherri will probably be crying and begging to go home on Day 4. Don't worry though, someone will snap her out of it and she'll do okay until the merge where she'll get blindsided for one reason or another. Placement: Post-Merge Boot

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