Hey everyone! So, I was listening to some music the other day, and began to think of Survivor (which I'm sure many of us do). So, the gears in my head began to turn again, and I came up with the idea to make a blog post where I take contestants from the show and give them a song that I feel fits their personality/character/gameplay. Before we begin I'm going to lay out some ground-rules. First, these are MY opinions, it's alright if you disagree with a choice but I'm probably not going to change a song per anyone's request. Secondly, song bashing is not welcome. There are songs that I chose that I really don't even like but I felt would fit. Finally, if you want to know why I picked a certain song for a certain person, just ask in the comments. Now enough boring overviews, let's get started!

Contestants and Songs

That's it for now! I'll definitely add more when I think of them! Please leave a comment!