So with all the recent blog polls, it got me thinking. Most of them are about the most POPULAR. Mine is going to be on the BEST PLAYER in 26 seasons.

To do that, i've decided to brake it up into 13 parts. Then you will vote for the Player of the Season, like they do now.  But there are a few rules.

  1. The seasons will not be in chronological order all the time.
  2. If a Player of the Season returns for another season, they are not eligible for Player of the season for that season.
  3. Each round will go up every other day and the winners of the previous rounds will be revealed.
  4. There will be a few extra polls but they will only last 1 day. 

I will also post a comment on when voting stops. Every comment for the winner will not count. 

So lets find out who the BEST PLAYER is!!!

The first two seasons are...Survivor Firsts, 

Survivor: Borneo and Survivor: The Australian Outback.

Borneo produced the first male(and in general) winner of Survivor while Australia produced the first female winner of Survivor. 

So please say who you think deserves to be Player of the Season for each of them .