The talk around is that Blood vs. Water is Favorites vs Family. But nobody know's who is returning(but some people know who due to "rumors".) I have seen the rumors but don't believe half of them.

The point is if there are returning players, who? One reason why people don't like them is because they have know reason returning(another is lack of new people but that's not the point). So IF this season is returning players, what defines a "Favorite" if that even is the twist.

If there that is a twist, then it will be like Caramoan(since most of them weren't thought of as Favorites). People had a lot of issues with the cast. Some said they were undeserving of the spot and it should have gone to someone else(i admit to doing that). But at the end of the season, people's opinion change and some of them earned the title of Favorite in many ways. 

So if the twist is Favorites vs Family, who should return?

I am going with interviews, recent consideration, previous alternate choices, and fan reception. 

Tyson, Aras, Colton, Terry, Shane, Kat, R.C, Tina W.(don't wanna but i said my reasons of choosing), Danni, Monica C.

I have said the reason for my choices and even though i've seen the list of both the supposed cast, i'm keeping hope.

Who do you think should return and who shouldn't if the twist was Favorites vs Families and who shouldn't.

Remember, a Favorite is not someone who is liked, but a memorable player who the audience either hate, love, love to hate, or hate to love. 

Can't wait for Season 27(Please don't post the spoiler cast...both of them)!!!!