I have good news to all the Brenda fans, people who respect her gameplay, or just want to see something about Brenda.

I was searching the web and i found this,,,, 

You've played twice now. Would you play again?  Yeah, you can never say no to an opportunity like "Survivor." I was thrilled to be asked the second time. To be asked for a third time, that would be a really big deal. I'm not sure if it will ever happen, but if they offer, I'm there!  SO. I think for all the people who want to see Brenda play again, there is a high chance she will. I am not saying she will guarantee since she is starting her own family but the chances are pretty high. The one objection is that she said she said she didn't know if she would be invited play again which i guess is just Brenda being the Brenda we respect. So i am happy she said she would play again and i wonder if she will be Villainous Brenda, Heroic Brenda, or a new Brenda. Either way it depends on timing of the season and i can't wait to see a great player return.