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    I HaTe Natalie

    February 1, 2014 by Coldmanner
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    June 22, 2013 by Coldmanner

    The votes are in and we have Player of the Season for Gabon.

    Congratulations to Bob Crowley for winning Player of the Season for Survivor: Gabon.

    There was a tie for the Player of the Season for Survivor: Nicaragua. The tie was between Fabio Birza, who won the season, and Marty Piombo, who people thought was a really strategic and funny player. 

    I've decided since some people don't think it is fair for me to vote since i make the wrong decisions, so i've decided that only Marty and Fabio will be eligible for a revote for Player of the Season.

    As for Bob, he won after a lot of people were nominated.

    So including Nicaragua, lets move on to the last two seasons.

    Which are...Redemption Island.

    Survivor: Redemption Island and Survivor: South Pacific


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    So with all the recent blog polls, it got me thinking. Most of them are about the most POPULAR. Mine is going to be on the BEST PLAYER in 26 seasons.

    To do that, i've decided to brake it up into 13 parts. Then you will vote for the Player of the Season, like they do now.  But there are a few rules.

    1. The seasons will not be in chronological order all the time.
    2. If a Player of the Season returns for another season, they are not eligible for Player of the season for that season.
    3. Each round will go up every other day and the winners of the previous rounds will be revealed.
    4. There will be a few extra polls but they will only last 1 day. 

    I will also post a comment on when voting stops. Every comment for the winner will not count. 

    So lets find out who th…

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    Someone is messing with me. First they write a message on my page saying i am dirt. Then they mess up my whole page. All my Favorite castaways, seasons, and mentions are gone. 

    Is that even legal on the wiki? For someone to edit your own page? If so something has to be done since i feel it has been an invasion of my privacy. 

    I know i don't agree with everyone but i don't shut you down completely. I try to reason with people and if i can't reason, i leave it be. I AM SORRY FOR EVERYONE THAT FEELS I DID WRONG TO THEM.

    But whoever edited my page needs to be banned but no one will no since it is an anonymous user, 

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    The talk around is that Blood vs. Water is Favorites vs Family. But nobody know's who is returning(but some people know who due to "rumors".) I have seen the rumors but don't believe half of them.

    The point is if there are returning players, who? One reason why people don't like them is because they have know reason returning(another is lack of new people but that's not the point). So IF this season is returning players, what defines a "Favorite" if that even is the twist.

    If there that is a twist, then it will be like Caramoan(since most of them weren't thought of as Favorites). People had a lot of issues with the cast. Some said they were undeserving of the spot and it should have gone to someone else(i admit to doing that). But at the end…

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