Five weeks in, 5 less people. One World has left me in a predicament. I really dont like anyone....

I had trouble finding someone to root for early this season. I dislike the men's arrogance and stupidy just as much as I disliked the females... neediness and challenge weaknesses.

Over on the mens tribe, Colton was hanging out and doing nothing, because he was in control. At the female beach, Alicia was constantly by the mens fire, but not making any deals. To make things worse for Alicia, when she had to do the puzzle with Chelsea, she cheated and still couldnt figure it out.

The dumbest thing I think Ive ever seen on survivor happened in episode 4. Not just Colton, but the whole Manono tribe gave away immunity. Why, guys why?? You wouldn't continue to compete with the women in the week one immunity, "because the game is about numbers, and winning...", but after winning a challenge you willingly give away immunity knowing someone would be voted out.

Here is another thing that might shock you, I dont hate Colton. WhoisRob made a pretty good case about him which you should all read, but im going to give my opinions on him too. At first, he alienated himself because he was gay and didnt "fit it". This was an awful move. By excluding himself, and not trying to make allies on his own tribe, he made himself a liability. But once he got an idol from Sabrina (Mr. "I dont believe in handouts, but I'll beg for an idol...) his motives changed and he got himself in a misfit alliance and ousted Matt (so far the best move this season, and the only elimination I was glad about). At this point in time, I started to like Colton. The next immunity challenge, Manono won. But the whole team decided to give up immunity. I really didnt like Colton this time around because of his racist rants and rude remarks made to Leif. But Bill's elimination cannot be blamed just on Colton, why, oh thats right, beacuse everyone on Manono voted for Bill. This is where I gain some respect for Colton. He has these guys so scared, that they will all listen to him. Its incredible how stupid they are. Ever since Matt was eliminated, no one has attempted to get rid of Colton. I dont know why, I think it would be easy to blindside him now that he thinks he is in control. I was ready for Michael or Jay to make a move this episode, but then....

The tribes switched!

New Salani: Kim, Kat, Sabrina, Chelsea, Michael, Troyzan, and Jay.

New Manono: Alicia, Monica, Christina, Colton, Tarzan, Jonas and Leif.

New Manono was screwed from the start. Not only is their team smaller and weaker, their spirits are too. I think that the team had a chance in the challenge. Monica, Leif and even Colton gave a good effort at the end. The other 4 people I dont even remember seeing trying...

I predict new Manono will lose every challenge until the merge (hopefully at 12 again). They honestly got rid of their strongest competetor (Monica). And for what? Because she was a threat? I dont understand getting rid of the strong so early, you need them to win the tribe challenges. Then again, Colton is only improving his chance of winning individual immunity by getting rid of the strong.

End thoughts:

  • the men are dumb for listening for Colton, Leif should at least try to go against him (or he is next...)
  • So glad Kim found the idol, she is the only person im rooting for so far.
  • Tarzan has a super cool story, I liked to hear his background at tribal council, but he really needs to be next (I have a gut feeling he is the next medical evacuation)
  • New Salani is going to kick ass at every challenge.
  • Michael threw Leif so far at the immunity challenge. (I felt so sad )
  • The teams will merge at 12 as they did the last 3 seasons.
  • I dont think Colton can win, but I think he can get to the end, only if he lasts until the merge, but I think he has a chance.
  • Monica should still be on the beach.
  • Bill is strong for following his dream, but Colton was right about his annoyance.
  • Sabrina and the rest of Salani cheated like 100,000 times
  • Im indifferent to Nina's elimination (But we all know, it should've been Kat).
  • I was so happy when Matt left!
  • Both I and HantzHatchWade correctly predicted Matt's elimination (16th!)

Now that the teams have mixed up, Im going to redo my predictions. These predictions do have some logic, but are biased alittle.

13. Tarzan- I think he will be evacuated, but it really could be anyone.

12. Christina- Even though Tarzan goes home, there is still an immunity challenge, in which Manono loses, and she is eliminated. 1st jury member

11. Alicia - Merge. Jay wins immunity. Michael, Jay and Troyzan get Kim and Chelsea on their side, Jonas and Leif join this alliance. Alicia is targeted.

10. Michael- Kat wins immunity, and super alliance had decided it wouldve been her. Colton targeted, but he figures out through grapevine. Colton plays idol,some people suspected he wouldve, Michael blindsided.

9.Colton- Sabrina wins immunity, all Colton's allies ditch him.

8. Leif- Jay wins immunity. Girls say that Leif will win if he gets to the end because of pity votes. Once again, pity votes are enough of a reason to get rid of Leif.

7. Troyzan- Jonas wins immunity. People really worried about endgame, girls still have numbers and Troyzan eliminated.

6. Sabrina- Jay wins immunity. Jonas really tries hard to get girls to look at endgame. Sabrina seen as a huge threat for being a good tribe leader. Eliminated.

5. Jay- Kim wins immunity. Jay and Jonas are able to convince Kat that Kim and Chelsea are a strong unit and migth ditch her if someone else wins at final four. But Kim and Chelsea show Kat the idol and she goes back to their side. Jay voted out.

4. Jonas doesnt win immunity, voted out.

Kim, Kat, Chelsea final 3.

3. Chelsea- vote from Michael

2. Kat- votes from Alicia, Sabrina and Jonas

1. Kim- Votes from Christina, Colton, Leif, Troyzan and Jay.


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What do you guys think? Who do you think will win? Who do you think will get med-evaced next episode?