Episode 6, Thanks for the Souvenir must've made many fans happy, as it did me, for Colton's removal from the game.

He is an awful person. Rude, racist, mean, stubborn, and annoying. I like to agree with Jonas, it was karma that got him out of the game. Its one thing to be in control, but totally different to be mean and get personal with someone like he did with Christina.

However, in Colton's defence, he was definatly running the show. He had his sorry Manono tribe of men give away immunity! He was able to remove a strong player and strategist (Matt) first, then another strong male (Bill) and possibly the strongest and most social female (Monica). If he had continued to get his way and got more of afew threats, he difinatly would have made it to the end and had a jury of deadbeats who would've given him the million. Thank God himself that his appendix failed. haha.

One last word on Colton. He will probably return to the game. People hate him and he is so controversial that the producers will probably have him back, but if he returns, he wont last any longer than he did this time. He needed help for an idol, he sucks at challenges, and he only was doing so well this season because most of the guys on this season have only seen afew episodes of the show (and he is a "super-fan") and they are not very smart at all....If he were to return against other returning players, he'd be gone very quickly and that would be the last we hear of Colton. Then again, hardly anyone who is eliminated pre-merge is ever asked back (except Boston Rob, Bobby-Jon and someone else...)

I want to talk about Christina for a second. I dont understand why everyone hates her. I see why TArzan does, because she voted for him. But it seems as if everyone else hates her. She has become the Alina Wilson of this season. (Why did everyone hate Alina she didnt do anything either... Dirt Squirrel?) I know the show is edited and maybe she did something that wasnt aired, but why does everyone hate her? I'm glad she made it this far, and I hope she goes farther. To me, she has came off as a genuinly nice person. She was great for trying to help Colton. (If it was me, I wouldve kicked him in the gut and popped his organs...). I just don't understand.

The teams merged again at 12. Since Samoa, tribes ahve merged at 12 (excluding Heroes vs. Villians). Of the 4 times they merged at 12, one tribe was voted off one by one 3 times. The only season where the eliminations seemed varied to me was Nicaragua, which had a tribe switch. I am praying that this season the voting is varied, no pagoning. I think it will be because of the tribe switch, but who knows, what do you guys think?

I am going to asses/ guess where people stand and who i think will win. (Again, this is biased on who I like)

12. The 5 original Salani girls re-unite. Christina doesnt want to work with them. Alicia targets Christina but Sabrina says they need her as a number and they will ditch her at 6. Jonas and Tarzan argue over something... Tarzan gives allegiance to girls. Girls and Tarzan target Michael. But Michael wins first individual immunity. Jonas convinces his allies that Alicia is a threat, 5 guys and Christina vote for Alicia. 5 girls vote for Jay. Tarzan votes for Jonas. Alicia eliminated. She is the first jury member

11. Both girls and guys see Tarzan is a waste of a vote and wishy-washy. Tarzan eliminated.

10. 4 Salani girls try to get Christina back on their side, saying that with the guys, she'll place 6th, with th girls, she can at least make it to 5th, she is annoyed. She votes with the guys again and Sabrina is eliminated.

9. Guys alliance is falling apart. Jonas, Leif and Troyzan want Micheal out because he is strong. Jay finds out and tells Michael. Michael goes to girls for help. They agree with him to vote out Jonas. Girls take this news and turn on Michael, he is eliminted.

8. Christina goes to the girls, she can make it to fourth place with them and with the remaining guys, she is still 5th. Kim wins immunity. Guys vote for Chelsea, but she plays the idol that Kim gave her. Jay is eliminated.

7. Christina has flopped so many sides, the other 6 all agree she is risky and expendable, Christina is eliminated.

6. All three girls in a pact, all three guys in a pact. A tie at tribal between Leif and Chelsea. Chelsea starts her fire first. Leif eliminted.

5. Troyzan wins immunity. Jonas out.

4. Troyzan doesnt win immunity. he is out.

Final 3, Kat, Kim and Chelsea.

3. Kim gets no votes, for being apologetic like Amanda Kimmel

2. Kat gets votes from Alicia, Tarzan and Jonas

1. Chelsea gets votes from Sabrina, Michael, Jay, Christina, Leif, and Troyzan

What do you guys think of my predictions? Who do you think will win?

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